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4 Reasons Why Motion Graphic Design is a Skill ALL Designers Need

Motion Graphic Design

Lately, motion graphic design has taken center stage in the world of graphic design. When a graphic design is in animated form, then we can call it a motion graphic design. Nowadays, when you browse the Internet, you can see various motion graphic designs all over the screen in form of animated logos, titles, transitions, and more. Read further to know why motion graphic design is a skill all designers should learn.

Motion graphic design makes the computer or phone screen beautiful to look at compared to static graphic design. Due to the high demand for motion videos, the need for motion graphic designers has increased when it comes to building brand websites or creating videos for YouTube. A professional motion graphics company has a team of experts who are well-skilled at creating motion videos. If you are a designer then it is imperative for you to acquire motion graphic design skills. Here are 4 reasons why motion graphic design is a skill all designers need.

Motion Graphic Design Has a Huge Demand:

People all around the world find it more interesting to watch videos, rather than look at static pictures. You can see that the Internet is filled with motion videos. Visit any page on the Internet and you will get to see a  variety of motion graphic designs. Nowadays, most brands use motion graphic designs for their websites for a competitive edge. A video that has motion graphic design in it is not only more appealing but is also more informative, and easy to understand. Motion graphic design can make a video stand out in the crowd, thereby contributing to the brand’s identity.

Almost all popular apps and websites have motion graphic designs, which often enhance the user experience. This, in turn, increases the demand for these apps and websites among the target consumers. This is why many companies incorporate motion graphic designs as part of their marketing strategy and for increased user engagement. This way, these companies can remain at the top of their game. To fulfill their motion graphic design needs, many companies hire 3D motion graphics services. To work in such renowned motion graphic agencies, you should develop your motion graphic design skills as a designer.

The Emergence of Tons of Motion Graphic Designers:

Lately, there has been an upsurge in the number of motion graphics designers. To stay up-to-date in the field of design, you must learn the necessary motion graphic design skills. You can learn this skill from YouTube tutorials or Instagram influencers. However, you can also join an online motion graphic design course. If you want to learn the skillset then you can simply start by selecting your tool, depending on your preferred motion design. You can practice regularly by recreating motion graphic designs that are already available on the Internet. This way, with continued practice, you can finally, create your own motion graphic design.

It Is Easy to Start:

Earlier Adobe After Effects was the only tool that was available for motion graphic designs. Although this tool helps in creating simple as well as complex motion graphics, it has a major disadvantage. The disadvantage of Adobe After Effects is that it is not easy to use this tool, which is why it is not a preferred choice if you are working in a team. As a result, most graphic designers were not friendly with this tool and couldn’t create motion graphic designs for their clients. Due to this reason, almost every company used to hire a motion graphics agency for their motion graphics requirements, which would often burn a hole in their pockets.

However, recently, many alternative tools are available for graphic designers, sans the drawbacks of Adobe After Effects. Unlike Adobe After Effects, these modern design tools are easy to use and are also reasonably priced. These tools are also helpful if you are looking for customizations. They are compatible with the browser and are ideal for collaborative motion graphics projects, as they make file sharing considerably easier.

Your Work Looks Presentable:

Adding motion graphic designs to your video can make the entire video look more presentable and advanced. Adding just a few animations to your design can make your design visually appealing in just a few clicks.

If your motion graphic design tool is compatible with your ongoing design project, then it is a win-win situation for you. This is because you can simply start adding animations by importing your designs to the motion graphic design tool. Also, if you add motion graphic designs to your projects, then they will leave a remarkable impression on your target clients. The clients will believe in your caliber by looking at your animation skills.

The final words

The craze for motion graphics design is blooming at an exponential rate in the design industry. Now that you are aware of all the reasons why you need a motion graphic design skill, you can start learning it. With regular practice, you can become a pro at motion graphic design irrespective of the design tool you use. After learning the necessary skills, you can work in a motion graphics studio to boost your career growth. Motion graphic design is interesting and fun. So get yourself started right away.

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