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5 Benefits Of Switching To A Fireplace Insert

fireplace insert

Is your fireplace in need of costly repairs, or does it need to be totally rebuilt? Instead, you might install a fireplace insert and be just as pleased with the effects as if you had spent much more on a rebuild. Consider the five persuasive advantages of installing a fireplace insert.

1- Saves A Significant Amount Of Money Over The Cost Of Masonry Repairs

If you’ve gotten an estimate on the cost of upgrading or replacing your fireplace and chimney, you’re well aware that it may put a significant role in your financial account. The structural work needed can also create a significant disturbance in day-to-day living for a period of time. The purchase and installation of a fireplace insert, on the other hand, is quick, simple, and far less expensive.

2- It lessens Your Carbon Footprint

It is feasible for EPA-certified wood-burning fireplaces to almost completely eliminate the emissions created by wood-burning. Did you know that the Carbon Trust considers wood burning to be “carbon neutral?” The truth is that wood emits the same amount of carbon whether it decays naturally or is burnt in a fire. Not only is burning firewood less expensive than alternative heating sources, but it is also sustainable and renewable.

3- Significantly Increases Fireplace Efficiency

Don’t be deceived by the ease of installation of a fireplace insert since the impact of this item is enormous. While an old-fashioned fireplace’s efficiency rating is only approximately 5% to 10%, fireplace inserts attain efficiencies of up to 65%. There are two reasons for this significant improvement.

First, the open combustion design allows a large amount of air from the space being heated to be drawn into the fireplace, resulting in a fast-burning fire that wastes a lot of energy. Second, the fireplace insert is a closed-door, insulated device that produces a slow-burning fire that provides additional heat.

4- A Variety Of Stylish Designs Are Available

When installing a fireplace insert, there is no need to sacrifice aesthetics. You have a wide range of attractive designs and models to pick from. Allow one of our chimney & fireplace specialists to assist you in ensuring that you acquire the suitable insert for your current fireplace.

There are a variety of features to pick from among the different fireplace inserts. You can acquire an insert that contains heat-distribution fans and/or thermostatic inserts that allow you to manage the fire with a remote. Regardless of the type of fireplace insert you choose, company provides a great atmosphere and added value to any home.


5- Various Heat Source Options

Unlike open fireplaces, you may use your fireplace insert with any of the following fuel sources:

The best form of heat source for you is determined by your own preferences.

Whatever type of fireplace insert you pick, many industry professionals, including the Hearth, Patio, & Barbecue Association, urge that the appliances be installed exclusively by expert installers. This ensures that the appliance complies with all code standards, is as airtight as feasible, and is safe to use.

Many individuals install a fireplace not because their chimney needs to be repaired, but because they want to heat their houses more effectively. Have you given any thought to adding a fireplace insert?

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