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7 Great Things Black Pepper Can Be Used for Besides Cooking

 You may be buying bulk spices wholesale for cooking uses, but do you know one of the most common and popular spices – black pepper can be used in other ways apart from its culinary use? Besides infusing flavors into your food, black pepper has many other use cases.

No, I am not talking about its medicinal uses. Indeed, there are numerous health benefits of black pepper. And this spice has been used in ancient medical practices like Ayurveda to cure various diseases.

But here, I will list seven great things black pepper can be used outside the kitchen, and Ayurvedic medicine is not one of them.

7 Non-cooking uses of black pepper

Keeps ants away from your home

Sometimes ants can be a major problem in your house when they attack your sugar, flour, or other food items and make them inedible. Unfortunately, getting rid of ants entirely is a task of very low possibility. But you can keep them at bay with the help to uses of black pepper.

Sprinkle black pepper powder on your kitchen countertops and in between baseboards. This remedy will keep ants from invading your kitchen. Moreover, you can also sprinkle some black pepper when you see any ant gathering or ant holes.

  1. Keep your clothes bright and new-like

Apart from the kitchen, black pepper can also be used in your washing machine, and this is no joke. Black pepper is an effective natural exfoliant that gently scrubs off any soap or detergent residue from your clothes.

This detergent residue causes the fading of clothes. And adding a teaspoon of black pepper powder with your detergent ensures your clothes come out of your machine without any chemical detergent residue. As a result, your clothes stay bright and new-like for longer.

3. Works a natural pest control

If you have a tiny kitchen garden at your home, you often encounter pests and bugs that eat your hard-grown veggies, rotting and destroying your cute kitchen garden. Of course, you can kill these pests with pesticides. But then it affects our health as well.

Black pepper can be a potent natural pest control in your kitchen garden. It has a strong smell and powerful compounds that eliminate pests and bugs. To use black pepper for your kitchen garden, mix its powder with flour and sprinkle it around your plants.

4. Stops bleeding on the minor cuts

Black pepper can also act as an anti-hemorrhagic substance, meaning it can stop bleeding on minor cuts. Thoroughly rinse the cut and elevate the body part where the cut is located and bleeding with a clean, sterile cloth or paper towel.

Sprinkle ground black pepper on the cut and bandage securely. But for deep cuts with heavy bleeding, seek professional medical attention immediately. Black pepper has antibacterial properties, so it can also prevent infection.

5. Treats sinus infection

Black pepper has antimicrobial properties to fight microorganisms and bacteria effectively. It can also get you relief from a sinus infection and nasal congestion. That is why many Ayurvedic medicines for cough use black pepper as an ingredient.

To get relief from your sinus infection, drink healthy hit soops and add a lot of black pepper. You can also have steam therapy by adding a few drops of black pepper essential oil to boiling water and inhaling the steam, covering your head with a towel.

6. Seals radiator in the car

You can temporarily seal a leaking radiator in your car with the help of black pepper powder before taking it to a repair shop. If you pour a spice-rack sized container of black pepper into the radiator, it will flow into the split or pinhole and plug the leak.

This use of black pepper might sound bizarre, but it’s not stupid if it works, right? Alternatively, you can also use other kitchen items to fix your car radiator. For example, paprika, cornmeal, or mustard powder can also be a good option.

7. Treats sore muscles and muscle ache

If you play many sports or hit the gym regularly, muscle soreness and ache might be a common problem for you. Black pepper is an excellent remedy for treating your muscle’s soreness and pain.

To treat sore muscles and aches:

  1. Mix 3 cups of raw honey and 22 teaspoons of turmeric and place them in the bottom of the mug.
  2. Add hot water, lemon juice, and a generous amount of ground black pepper.
  3. Drink this to treat your body aches.

The bonus one

If mice and other rodents regularly invade your home, nibble on your cable wires and damage them, you can use black pepper tincture to keep these uninvited guests away. Black pepper is indeed a magical herb. After reading all these uses, you should buy bulk spices wholesale so you can never run out of this spice to use.

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