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  • Food and Drink

    Amazing Usage Of Black Salt

    Black Salt Health Benefits Black salt is also known as Kala Namak, is a type of kiln-fired, kiln-fired, salt distinguished by its strong sulfur aroma that is sharp and sharp. It is very popular in India as well as in the subcontinent. The other names that are used to describe this type of salt is Himalayan Black Sulemani Namak (also called Bire…

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  • Food and Drinkrock salt

    A Comprehensive Guide On What Is Rock Salt

    A rock salt, commonly known as halite, is a mineral that is formed from the sand layer in the crust of Earth and is made up of calcium carbonate from ancient water bodies. What is Rock Salt? The majority of the salt we cook with, which includes Table salt and Kosher salt is made through inundating the salt underground deposits…

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