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  • Automotiveget rid of damaged car Adelaide

    How to Get Rid of Damaged Car With Eco-friendly Way

    The car is in damaged condition. Perhaps, its engine corrupted. Maybe the car’s body has so badly deteriorated that it is nothing but scrap metals. When the vehicle is in bad shape, there is no other consideration for the car except for eco-friendly disposal. As a car owner and an Adelaide resident, it is up to you to do your…

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  • AutomotiveEncumbrance Car

    What Is Encumbrance Vehicle And The Risk Of Buying It?

    An encumbrance vehicle is a vehicle with finance, meaning that the car & was bought on loan and hasn’t been repaid fully. It’s different from taking a loan from the bank and buying a car & when the vehicle is financed, it becomes a secured loan.  No law requires the vehicle owner to disclose the encumbrance when selling the car.…

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