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Business plan for opening a restaurant

Developing a restaurant business plan can be difficult; to facilitate the task, we offer you a selective guide that will allow you to better define the project and estimate its economic and financial viability.

How to draw up a restaurant business plan?

Regardless of the model or sector chosen, planning a business strategy is a difficult task, a reality to which the catering segment does not escape; however, this should not be a reason to abandon the idea; after all, we are talking about a niche of great profitability in France, given the share of leisure time and budget, which goes to restaurants.

Where to start when writing a restaurant business plan?

Not everyone has the capital to develop their project, hence the need for an investor. The business plan of a restaurant can make a difference; after all, showing a real plan in which you can see what you are talking about denotes professionalism.

To create the recipe for success, you must have the necessary ingredients. Although it may seem like an exciting adventure, opening a restaurant takes time and effort. Otherwise, it is possible to be among the 60% of businesses that fail before the first year. The level of competition in the industry means that working hard, persevering, and delivering good food is not enough; although there is no exact formula, success can be conditioned:

  • Have adequate training
  • Adhere to established operational procedures
  • Have an original and attractive marketing plan before you start operating

Although most people focus on the decoration of the premises and the design of the menu, these three aspects – often underestimated – become crucial for a successful opening, which, accompanied by a good business plan, will provide the right direction because it will be clear the opportunities and the pitfalls with which the future company will have to face, even before opening its doors.

Preliminary research is essential:

To have a good restaurant business plan, it is necessary to carry out thorough preliminary research in which one assesses not only what the sector offers or limits but also potential customers, new trends, and the local market; likewise, competition, legislative aspects, purchasing channels, and suppliers must be considered, as these represent the main aspects to be taken care of.

Objectivity is elementary in the internal and external analysis; being honest and delimiting the available resources – technical, economic, and human – makes it possible to better understand the needs of the target clientele and, consequently, the way of channeling the concept and the structure of a viable business that allows its positioning.

The keys to the success of a new restaurant:

The vast majority will agree that the service and the gastronomic offer are the undisputed guarantors of a restaurant’s success. However, although they are not far from reality. Since the first represents the experience and the final perception that the customer will have of it.

  • A suitable atmosphere, the idea is that the place offers an atmosphere appropriate to the concept of the company. And the needs or tastes of the target audience
  • An attractive menu, after all, is the key communication and sales tool. In addition to offering the most profitable dishes on sight
  • With competitive prices, the customer wants to pay according to what he receives. Without neglecting the costs of raw materials and the situation of the local market
  • When it comes to communication strategy. We are not only talking about advertising and public relations but also about digital presence focused on the target audience.
  • The right hygiene products, with which employees and customers have their needs covered.

Reasons why many restaurants fail:

The lack of a good restaurant business plan is the number one reason most projects fail. There is a long way to go before the first course is served. So planning every detail becomes crucial.

According to experts, a restaurant business plan should display the business’s brand – including the name, date, and logo – and specify the restaurant’s concept very clearly, so anyone who reads it will be excited about it. ‘idea.

How do you achieve it? First, emphasize the food you intend to serve and the detailed description of the service you want to offer, taking care to highlight that extra, which will make the place unique and innovative.

Study the market:

Charting a path to success also requires that the restaurant’s business plan be a living document, meaning that it can be reviewed regularly to assess its growth and measure its progress; it must also be fed with a market study that provides an overview of the competition while providing information on the needs of the target audience, data that in turn allows the development of a functional marketing plan.

A clear mission statement, or in other words, being direct in the mission. It results in the creation of a conceptual vision.

Importance of marketing in the business plan:

Within the framework of the business strategy, the marketing plan represents a functional and necessary tool;

With such competition, word of mouth becomes the basic weapon to face competition. However, attracting customers is not limited to the use of social networks. On a physical level, it involves attending community events, offering discounts to new customers. And joining the local trade association; in the online world. It is imperative to have an intuitive website that even allows you to book.

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