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Crystal Awards and Other Ideas for Recognizing Your Team Members

Every company’s employees are responsible for its success, and they deserve recognition for their hard work. Rewarding team members for their loyalty and accomplishments has a practical benefit. When employees feel like leaders appreciate their efforts, they can feel more engaged, be more productive, and be more likely to stick around. Recognizing members of your team can be simple. In fact, it can be as simple as showing your appreciation in public or rewarding them with customized crystal awards.

Recognize Team Members in Public

When acknowledging your team members, the act of recognizing their achievements in public can make a big difference. There are a number of ways to do so. For instance, share the employee’s accomplishments on your company’s website and social media platforms. Likewise, public recognition could be as simple as a manager sharing praise in front of the rest of the team. Praise and acknowledgment coming from a member of the leadership team or your company’s CEO can be even more meaningful.

Customize Employee Gifts and Awards

To be sure, any team member is likely to appreciate a thoughtful gesture, like a signed card and a gift certificate to their favorite coffee shop. However, they are less likely to remember it. The fact is, a truly heartfelt, memorable gift is personal and meaningful. By customizing the gift, you can demonstrate to the recipient that you see and value all their contributions and achievements. If you are planning to give your team member an award, you can customize it by inscribing or engraving the employee’s name on the award. High-quality custom plaques are a common example. However, beyond custom plaques and awards, employees also appreciate personalized gestures. Does your team member have a hobby or passion they always talk about? Find a way to recognize their hard work that reflects their interests. This is the type of gift they’ll be sure to love.

Choose Glass, Acrylic, and Crystal Awards

Along with custom plaques, three of the most popular, classy, and versatile employee award options are glass, acrylic, and crystal awards. Each of these three options has a variety of distinct benefits, from customization to eye-catching design options.

Acrylic Awards

Acrylic awards are the most versatile of these three major award types. Because acrylic is so easy to shape and mold, you can create nearly any design you can imagine. Consequently, you can design custom acrylic awards in the shape of your company’s logo or headquarters. You could even choose a design that reflects one of your team member’s favorite interests or passions, complete with a variety of colors, shapes, and textures. Finally, acrylic awards also tend to be the least expensive and most durable of the three main award types, so your recipient will remember their accomplishment for a long time to come.

Glass Awards

Glass awards feature much of the malleability of acrylic awards with the classiness of crystal awards. Furthermore, you can choose between clear glass and beautiful jade glass awards. For stunning, unforgettable awards that team members are sure to cherish, check out flame glass awards. Generally, glass awards also tend to fit your budget if you are somewhere in between acrylic awards and crystal models.

Crystal Awards

When it comes to the most sophisticated and elegant awards possible, you want crystal awards. The right corporate awards company will manufacture their awards from the finest optical crystal. Search for a company that creates custom crystal awards manufactured from the same optical crystal used in NASA telescopes. If you can find options that are inspected and hand-finished by experienced award artisans, that’s certainly a bonus. When you’re looking for the most impressive and refined awards for your team members, choose crystal.

Consider an Annual Awards Ceremony

Finally, one of the most effective ways to recognize all of your employees is with an annual awards ceremony. Consider hosting the ceremony at a fancy restaurant in your city or the team’s favorite local tavern for a more informal event. In addition to the awards you give to your team members, you can have employees create awards for other members of their team. A variety of fun, tongue-in-cheek “awards” based on employees’ quirks and inside jokes is guaranteed to make for a fun and memorable ceremony.

About Fine Awards

Your employees are responsible for your company’s success, so why not recognize their accomplishments? Acknowledge their efforts with beautiful, customized acrylic awards, crystal awards, and glass awards from Fine Awards. In addition to the huge variety of stock awards ready to be customized and engraved from Fine Awards, their team of exceptional artists can help you bring entirely custom designs to life. If you can imagine it, Fine Awards can make it a reality. Whether you are recognizing an employee’s 10-year anniversary, hosting an annual awards ceremony, or just showing your appreciation for a job well done, Fine Awards delivers with a wide variety of awards, custom plaques, and trophies to make it happen. Give your invaluable team members an unforgettable memory with Fine Awards.

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