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Fruit-Based Ingredients That Help Promote Clear Skin

Clear Skin

There’s nothing like biting into a ripe, juicy piece of fresh fruit. With the perfect mix of sweet and ever-so-slightly tart notes, you know you’ve stumbled upon magic. It doesn’t get much better than that? Or does it? When you mix fruit with skincare, it does! There are so many types of fruit that are packed with nutrients that your skin is sure to love. If your sights are set on clear skin, incorporating fruit-based ingredients can help make a difference. It comes down to identifying which fruit-based ingredients work best to help you achieve your skincare goals. Are you curious about which fruit-based ingredients can help make that difference for you? Here are four ingredients you’ll want to add to your skincare routine.

Acai Berry Helps Supercharge Antioxidant Activity

If you’re not familiar with acai berries, these little fruits resemble a mix between blueberries and purple grapes. It’s often called a superfood. Acai, or in this case, acai extract, makes for a great skincare ingredient. It’s all because acai extract is wonderfully rich in antioxidants. Much like vitamin C (the most well-known antioxidant), acai extract can help you maintain a healthy, even-looking complexion. It gives your skin the nourishment it needs to look vibrant and clear. It can also help boost your skin’s elasticity, which is important for your complexion’s overall health and longevity.

Lemon Helps Achieve Vibrantly Clear Skin

Lemons are a clear skin wonder! From lemon juice to lemon extract to lemon oil, lemon is a powerhouse ingredient that can help promote an improved complexion. Lemon helps bring clarity to the skin by breaking down impurities and skin oils. As an astringent, it also helps cleanse while refining your complexion, helping to break up dirt, oils, makeup, and other impurities on the skin. As it works, it helps refine and clarify your skin. Plus, lemon juice is also a great source of vitamin C, an important skincare ingredient that helps promote vibrant, clear skin!

Pineapple Helps Gently Exfoliate

Pineapple juice is another source of antioxidant activity. However, it also hides a clear skin secret in the form of bromelain. This substance found naturally in pineapples and pineapple juice is known for its exfoliating power. Bromelain is an enzyme that can help break down impurities on the surface of the skin. This includes dead skin cells. When dead skin cells remain on the skin’s surface, blemishes and breakouts can result. Using an exfoliator made with pineapple juice can help dissolve those pesky dead skin cells. Then, you can wipe them and other impurities away with ease!

Pomegranate Helps Smooth and Firm

Pomegranate oil, which comes from the tiny pomegranate seeds, can be a way to help soothe your skin and help boost collagen. Collagen is a protein found in skin cells and surrounding tissues. When collagen production is supported, you can enjoy smoother, firmer skin. When you’re looking for skincare products to help you achieve even-toned and clear skin, pomegranate oil is an excellent choice!

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