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How to detect Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses?

How to detect Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses

So you have purchased Ray Ban sunglasses and now suspect that you have been conned and brought home fake ray-ban sunglasses.

Ray-Ban is a popular eyewear brand manufacturing premium, stylish, and cutting-edge sunglasses for men and women. So, it is no surprise that some malicious people try to copy famous Ray-Ban eyewear models and sell them as real ones.

Many unreliable retailers try to sell fake ray-ban sunglasses to make more money. Sometimes the ingenuine eyewear looks precisely the same as the real one, making it hard to spot the fake one. But worry not, we are giving here a complete guide that helps you instantly detect the fake ray-ban sunglasses. Keep reading.

Things to check for differentiating fake Ray-Ban sunglasses

Sometimes copy versions of sunglasses are so finely made that it becomes hard to spot the difference. However, considering these things that can help detect fake ray-ban sunglasses.


Genuine ray-ban sunglasses come in good quality, a well-sealed box with a microfiber cloth, case, and small, properly printed booklet. If you buy Ray-ban sunglasses online and get delivered with any missing things, you are most probably buying fake ray-ban sunglasses.


Ray-Ban is famous for its aviator sunglasses, and people mostly get conned buying this style of glasses. Genuine Ray-Ban eyewear is made from the highest quality plastic material. They also have a smooth finish that feels seamless to touch. On the other hand, fake sunglasses versions of Ray-Ban do not have quality material and a smooth finish.



The hinges of genuine Ray-Ban glasses will also be made of a quality metal material. They come with solid material and are securely bolt to the frame. Original sunglasses come with four metal rivets in hinges, two at the front and two at the side. Fake Ray-Ban sunglasses will have poor quality and loosely fixed hinges.

Nose pads


Original Ray-ban sunglasses will have plastic nose pads well-attached with a metal frame. In addition, it will have the Ray-Ban logo embossed at the centre. On the other hand, fake and copied versions of ray ban glasses will have nose pads with low quality plastic and are sometimes rough from the edges.



Ray-ban sunglasses will come with high-quality material lenses. Furthermore, genuine Ray-Ban sunglasses will have the “RB” or “Ray-Ban” logo etched at the top of the glasses, whereas Ray-ban polarized sunglasses will have the “Ray-Ban P” logo etched. In addition, Ray-Ban Sunglasses comes with a logo engraved on the right lens, while prescription glasses will have it on the left lens.

CE mark


Original Ray-Ban sunglasses come with a CE mark imprinted on either handle. This mark indicates that your sunglasses are made by complying with the EU’s health and environmental protection standards. In addition, genuine Ray-Ban eyewear comes with a coating that protects your eyes from Sun’s harmful UV rays. On the other hand, fake Ray-Ban Sunglasses don’t have any such protective coating.


Why do people create fake Ray-Ban sunglasses?

Fake ray-ban glasses are create with low-quality material, resulting in cheap production costs. As a result, some retailers make fake ones and pass them off at slightly lower prices than the original ones, keeping a significant margin. 

Why are Ray-Ban sunglasses so expensive?

Ray-Ban offers premium quality sunglasses with genuine and high-quality material. Unfortunately, higher quality means higher production costs, making Ray-Ban’s sunglasses expensive.

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