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Premade vs. Handmade Volume Fans for Eyelash Extensions

Debating over the difference between premade and handmade fans for eyelash extensions is a hot topic. Each of these categories has its pros and cons, but there is no question that both of them can produce stunning results. A little bit of research will go a long way in finding out which fan type is best for you.

Lash Extension Fans are made in different sizes to fit each person’s natural lashes. These are either premade or handmade fans glued on both ends of the synthetic eyelashes, which are designed to give your eyes a fuller look when applied. The application processes which the professional eyelash extensions go through are different. Some use a mixture of premade and handmade lash extensions, while some prefer to use only handmade fans for their clients. On the other hand, some believe that premade fans must create a natural-looking set of lashes. 

This article will explore the pros and cons of both types and the importance of which lash extensions are made to make informed decisions regarding which suits you and which you should opt for. 

What are Volume Fans?

If you are new to eyelash extensions, you may be wondering what volume fans are and how it’s different from individual lashes. Volume Fans are rows of 3-5 or more eyelashes attached as one unit. This makes the fan look like a natural lash but much thicker and fuller, creating volume.

Volume fans can create a more dramatic look and create a unique stunning look. Volume Fan Technique is also very suitable for those who have thin lashes as it enhances their appearance and makes your eyelashes appear thicker and longer. 

How do Volume Fans work?

Volume eyelash extension fans are 3D fans created by taking multiple individual lashes and attaching them instead of the traditional single lash extensions. Volume fans are glued to your natural lashes with adhesive, one by one. These unique fans create more impact than regular eyelash extensions because they’re made up of three to five individual lashes hand-glued together by a qualified eyelash expert.

Volume fans have several benefits associated with, and they are:

  • It gives the appearance of thicker and fuller lashes,
  • Effectively opens up and makes eyes appear larger,
  • It helps make your eye color pop by reflecting light onto your natural lashes, creating an intense shine.

How are they made?

Volume lash fans are created by layering single strands of natural mink fur on top of each other to develop fans of separated lashes ready for application. They come in various shapes and sizes, including straight, arc, V-shape, or inverted. These fans are either pre made or handmade; let’s understand both clearly.

What is Premade and Handmade Volume Fans

The difference is that handmade fans, popularly known as pro-made fans, are some of the best fans. They are made by a professional lash artist trained to put more hair on the fan and are careful about making sure the lashes lay flat on your client’s natural eyelashes meaning that there is no bulky look. While machines create premade volume fans, they can be readily available in the market. 

They are put together by the hand of the lash technician. These fans are more challenging to create and require a stronger adhesive. However, since they are already made, you can place them on the client by applying glue. The downside of handmade fans is that they take time to make, which means they are more expensive. On the other hand, they are less costly because they are readily available. 

The benefits which lie in handmade volume fans are


All lash lines are slightly different, so to balance them all, if you choose only to use premade fans when applying for eyelash extensions, chances are your lash lines will never look quite the same. For this reason, many lash technicians prefer to make their volume fans with clients’ lash trays to achieve a more natural-looking set of lashes. Creating volume fans by hand enables you to get the best fit while maintaining a natural look.

Minimize the damage

Because they are well prepared under the observation of lash technicians, there are no chances that it gets imbalanced or damaged. Lash technicians will make sure that the new handmade fans get wrapped around clients’ natural eyelashes. Also, the weight of lash fans can be controlled if a person is involved in minimizing the damage. 


As these will be the handmade fans, they will feel glad to receive the same as per the client’s guidelines. Since the personal touch is involved and fans are made as per clients’ convenience, there are no chances where quality will get compromised.

Disadvantages of Handmade Fans are


It takes skill, concertation and practice to make handmade volume fans. Handmade fans are more time-consuming, and you must know what you’re doing. When making handmade fans, we use one length of mink lashes and glue them side by side on a strip lash base. The skill comes in properly trimming and placing them to fan out as much as possible to give the desired look of volume. A handmade fan is typically used on clients with very sparse natural lashes. Handmade fans take a lot of practice and experience. Hence, if you are not well-versed or experienced, you should only opt for Premade fans. 


The creation takes a lot of time to get ready. If you don’t want to spare much time but also you want the lashes of your convenience, what you can do is consult the lash technician and make your lashes read before the appointment. 

Advantages of Premade Fans

Time saver

Since they are readily available in the market, only just application is left with the light adhesive, and you are done. So you don’t need to invest so much time here.


Premade fans are much lighter in weight as compared to handmade fans. They can be bonded with each other even by heat, and there is no need to apply glue which enhances weight. Since handmade are created by hand, they need to be glued together with each other by a solid adhesive which is not required here. 

Disadvantages of Premade Fans

Less Flexibility

Since the premade fans are readily available, they can’t be customized just like handmade fans. 


Premade fans are pretty expensive than handmade ones; however, there is no such price difference. The only thing is that by investing in handmade fans, and even if it is costly, you will get your choice, where everything is uncertain here. Even after you pay, it is not guaranteed that you will be worth paying. 

So which one is to have opted?

This is entirely a personal choice depending on several factors. If a women is a beginner at eyelash extension applications, it is advisable to go for premade fans as they are more user-friendly and quick to use. On the other hand, handmade volume fans are tedious and take a longer time to perfect but once mastered, they produce excellent results. 

Another factor to consider is the technique applied. For one person, handmade fans might be more accessible because of the method used in applying them. However, for another person, premade fans are much better because they are conventional and are more user-friendly. So it comes down to the experience level of the eyelash extension specialist.

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