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What is the ‘Focus Model’?

Focus Model

The ‘Focus Model’, developed by LeadershipSuccess, has five levels, a variation of David Rock’s “Choose Your Focus” model from his book “Quiet Leadership.” The Focus Model comprises five distinct ways to think or communicate about something. You may opt to move to a higher level if you are aware of these five levels and understand what your thoughts or communications are

F for flexible.

Focusing on the ‘F’ signifies flexibility. If what you’re doing now isn’t working, have the courage and flexibility to adjust. Continually repeating the same results will only result in the same outcomes being obtained.

O for Organize things.

The “o” in focus comes from the Latin word organis. Are you organizing yourself on both a physical and mental level? Make sure to consider your physical self as well as your surroundings. “What do I need to do in order to achieve it?” Consider, “can I get into my best possible shape to work on my goal and

Another key consideration is your physical surroundings. Is your workspace in good working order? Remember, a messy desk equals a cluttered mind, so providing yourself space and being organized to work on your goal is important. What do you need to do mental well-being-wise to arrange yourself in such a way that you can put in place self-care

c = clarity

The letter “C” in focus stands for clarity. Do you actually know what you want to accomplish and why you are doing it? In other words, is it good for you and the people around you since if you’re not clear on that, you won’t be able to reach your goal?

u = unconscious-mind

The unconscious mind is represented by the letter “u.” We all recognize ourselves as having a conscious mind when we’re aware of what we’re doing, and an unconscious mind that controls our accustomed behaviour and responses when activated.

Consider, for example, which foot you put in your shoe first this morning: right or left? Some people know while others do not – the point is that it was your unconscious mind at work.

An automatic reaction is similar to putting a car into gear; you simply do it, so understanding that you have a conscious and an unconscious mind is critical since our unconscious mind drives 95% of our daily behaviour. It’s what we do without even thinking about it on a regular basis, therefore knowing what your priorities are and what your values are will help

s = set your intention

The “s” in focus stands for ‘establishing a goal’. Set your aim to do something each day towards your objective. It doesn’t matter how little or large the action is, as long as you take it every day to achieve your goal. Action produces momentum, which leads to progress and success.

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