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10 Tips to Make Your Blog Standout

Creating a blog is not that difficult anymore. Anyone can start their very own at any given time within minutes. However, creating a successful blog, that is the main challenge. This articles gives some tricks and tips for blogging not only for beginners but also for pros that can help in making your blog stand out among the crowd.

In today’s techno-sphere, where hundreds of web pages and blogs are sprouting up every second, to make yours stand out, is no easy feat.

Creative Tips for Blogging for Beginners & Pros

Choosing a Blog Niche Close to Your Heart

There are a number of ways in which you can choose a niche for your blog. Usually, the ideal way is to choose the topic that interests you and of which you have a good amount of knowledge. In this way, you can generate high-quality content. Even if all of your content is not written by you, you can check it to minimize the chances of making mistakes. Secondly, you would not get bored of it. As blogs need to be updated regularly if should be helpful if the niche interests and you are eager to learn more and more about it and work on it to get fresher content.

Even if you are not an expert on a niche, you can create a blog on it by doing extensive research. The key is to learn about the niche in which you are going to be working on and have a very comprehensive understanding of what is currently working on Google with regards to this niche. Even if you are not an expert in the area, it should definitely interest you enough to learn about it.

Solving a Problem

Blog posts that are targeted toward solving a problem or giving an answer to a question are usually more likely to be favored by Google’s search algorithm. You can do a single experiment and search some keywords like start a business, easy web design, or learn to code. On the first page, most of the results are long How-to guides and tutorials. Even if the searches for a keyword are fewer, if the article provides the solution to a problem in a detailed and easy-to-understand way, then the chances are that it will be ranked high on search results and get traffic. Adding practical examples is a great way to make your tutorial or guide user-friendly.

Content is the king, make it the best

In order to rank on the coveted number 1 spot on the search engine results page, the answer is straightforward. Your content should be better than all the other competitors. When you are starting to write on a topic, check out the top 5 to 10 articles on the first page. Thorough research will make it clear why the top 2 articles are better than the other eight search results so Google had put them at the top. Make sure to include better and more detailed information in your article so that it has more to offer than the already ranking articles.

You can enhance your content in many different ways. Adding videos, custom infographics, graphs and charts with data from reliable sources are a few ways. Adding quotes from industry gurus and people of authority in your niche is another way. You can ask the people to give you quotes and then link back to them. In this way they will not only be motivated to give you a quote but also would share your content on their social media handles.

Health of the website

Another often neglected part is the overall health of your blog site. Make sure the blog is created on a robust platform. Then choose a suitable theme that is not very complicated so that it might not slow down your website. Choosing a web hosting provider is also an important step. Make sure to read reviews about different hosting providers and choose one that is reliable, fast, and secure. Cloud hosting is a good option for beginners as it is safer than shared and more economical as compared to dedicated hosting. As far as platform is concerned, WordPress is a popular one which most of the beginners use. You can choose free version of WordPress hosting for your blog in the beginning and then move to paid version once you have 20 to 30 posts.

Do use the Google Search console tools in order to get insights into website traffic, broken links, pages and keywords performing well, etc. Make sure your site has good navigation and an easily understandable menu bar.

Make Attractive Headlines, but AVOID Click baits

Making an attractive headline is very important in order to attract visitors and compel them to visit your page. However, to earn readers that come back to your page, one must always avoid clickbait. If you write clickbait-based heading people might click your articles first two or three times but then they would realize and it is of use and they will not return or bookmark your page. On the other hand, sometimes the title fails to convey all that the content has to offer. That is also detrimental to the content. For example, if you have a long and comprehensive guide about starting a blog, consider these two headings.

  • How to start a blog
  • Step by Step Guide to Start a Blog – Beginners to Advance Level

Or if you have written about different car parts and their working, consider

  • Different Car Parts Explained
  • Working & Functionality of Various Car Parts Explained in Detail

In both cases, neither of the headings is a clickbait, however, the second one seems more attractive as it is telling us more about the content.

Update your blog regularly

Readers are always looking for new content. Start a blog when you have at least twenty good articles uploaded as well as content for the next three months created beforehand. Make a posting schedule and follow it diligently. You can post much as 1 or 2 articles per day or as less as 2 articles per week, but the important thing is that you follow your schedule and are never late and also never compromise on the quality of your content. So, your audience knows when to visit the site for fresh content and they are never disappointed too.

If you have a team of writers, do invest in a good plagiarism checker. Google penalizes plagiarized content heavily so best to be safe than sorry.

Spread the word about your great work

Once you have written a great piece, it is essential to make the people know what you have so they can benefit from it. Content marketing is very important. You have to think about it right from the beginning. Start compiling an email list. Ask your visitors to subscribe to your blog by offering them some freebies. Social media is another powerful tool to be used in this regard. It is very helpful too in reaching a diverse amount of audience from around the globe.

Market your Content to the right audience

While content marketing is important, way more important is to market your content to the right audience. For that you must understand your audience inside out. Only then can you match the audience’s intent to your content. So before starting a blog define the audience to which it is going to cater. Do not worry if you are not looking into a global audience and think that it might make your blog less popular if for example it is targeted towards teens only or married women or any other sub category. Every niche has an audience. The secret is to understand the audience and then work on content creation and marketing targeted to its requirements.

So, these are some of the tips and tricks to help your blog better stand out among the lot. Blogging is indeed one of the many digital marketing tactics that is being used, however is has proved to be very productive in most cases so it is a good choice. Hoping this helps you in establishing a good foundation for an amazing platform.

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