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Reference and Education

  • Agile Methodology

    Introduction to Agile Methodology: Principles and Values

    The Agile Process has been a game changer in process management methodologies since its inception as the industry standard. In fact, the Agile Process is so successful that its derivatives like Scrum, Kanban and Scrumban, based on the strengths of Agile, have a niche positioning in the market. Due to its game-changing capabilities, a professional with Agile Training always has…

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  • Online counselor: Online Therapy to Overcome Observer Bias

    Online Therapy to Overcome Observer Bias

    Online Counselor: When an observer’s expectations about a person, item, or event affect their perceptions, this is referred to as observer bias. In other words, observer bias is a sort of bias that happens when a writer’s personal beliefs or viewpoints interfere with their capacity to address a topic objectively. When a researcher has expectations about what will happen, this…

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  • Biometric Punching Attendance System

    The History of Biometric Punching Attendance System

    The History of Biometric Punching Attendance System Why is it important for organisations to maintain attendance?  A company in the corporate sector pay their employees depending on the number of working days and calculating their loss of payment during the leaves. So naturally, they needed to keep tabs on the working hours; for instance, in the late 1800s, time clocks…

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  • Hybrid Learning

    Why is Flexible Hybrid Learning Important for Higher Education Institutes?

    Why is Flexible Hybrid Learning Important for Higher Education Institutes? One among them is the hybrid/blended learning method where the institute makes use of traditional as well as modern learning methods such as e-learning, to give the best of both to the students. Here’s why hybrid is important for higher education institutes. Reduces Teacher’s Workload- Blended learning in higher education…

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  • Students

    How to choose the best skills evaluation approach for your students?

    How to choose the best skills evaluation approach for your students? The student’s ability to deal with the challenges of the future and their ability to analyse different situations and express their ideas precisely depends upon a few things. The most crucial one is the institute where they are receiving their formal education and the teachers. In fact, teachers have…

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  • JEE Main

    Why Online Coaching is Better for 1 Year Preparation for JEE Main

    JEE Main is the obstacle between engineering hopefuls and their ideal university. Over 10 lakh students from all over the nation take the JEE Main exam each year. For JEE Advanced, only the top 20% are permitted to participate. This demonstrates how challenging it is to be accepted into India’s top engineering schools. Students frequently begin their JEE preparations in…

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  • Read-A-Thon

    How Read-A-Thon Can Be Fun And Successful

    Everyone will agree that how important reading is for students. There’s a study that states, that most of the student who drops school hasn’t good proficiency in reading. Reading enhances knowledge as well as boosts the confidence of students. To make reading fun and keen students interest in it holing a Read-A-Thon will be a great idea. Organizing a fun…

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  • Microsoft Power Automate Desktop Online Course

    What Are The Different Flows Of MS Power Automate Desktop?

    Introduction: If you are a business user or an IT expert looking to create effective automated procedures to boost productivity, Microsoft Power Automate Desktop plays a crucial part. It is a platform with no or less coding. As a result, there are no prerequisites for learning Power Automate Desktop. However, it is a business that allows you to combine all…

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  • Pipefitter training

    Understanding The Pipe Fitter Job Description

    A Pipefitter is a specialist who creates pipefitter training systems for heating, cooling, and hot water. They also develop steam engines that power categories of machinery like clothes dryers or dishwashers. These people must be able to function with materials like steel wool and several electric products. What is a pipefitter? Pipefitters are tradespeople who create pipefitter training networks used…

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  • Italian Language

    How Much Does It Cost To Learn Italian Language in India?

    Language has become an essential tool for communicating and sharing information. Deciding to learn a foreign language has become a big deal, and it has become difficult to make that choice and know where to start. Due to this reason, there are many foreign language courses introduced in Indian institutions and universities. In the present scenario, Italian has become the…

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