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Why is Flexible Hybrid Learning Important for Higher Education Institutes?

  1. Why is Flexible Hybrid Learning Important for Higher Education Institutes?

One among them is the hybrid/blended learning method where the institute makes use of traditional as well as modern learning methods such as e-learning, to give the best of both to the students. Here’s why hybrid is important for higher education institutes.

Reduces Teacher’s Workload-

Blended learning in higher education institutes is known to reduce faculty workload. The adoption of e-learning has made it easier for teachers to conduct classes remotely, conduct online examinations, and handle student data online.

They make use of learning management software to keep track of entire student data online under a centralized platform. The teachers and students can exchange notes, assignments, and other information. Further, to convey a message or to broadcast some information, the teachers do not have to call or message the student personally; they can just notify the students using the online portal. 

Enhances Teaching-

The hybrid learning method allows the institutes to implement new methods of education such as outcome-based education, collaborative learning, CBCS, and others.

Further, it helps the students to gain complete knowledge about various subjects and topics in their course. This enhances learning outcomes of the institute as educational methods in this are learning-oriented.

Moreover, the reduction in faculty workload for various monotonous tasks such as attendance, evaluation, and exam conduction are helping the teachers to focus mainly on teaching and guiding the students, enhancing their skills as well as the institute’s outcomes.

Gives Multiple Sources-

In the traditional methods, learning took place in one way as the teacher used to give instructions to the students or deliver concepts and data in the classroom. The students can find new sources and materials online and share them with other students. This opens various new examples, ideas, and perspectives for the students and they can choose the one that suits them the best.

Enhances Personalized Guidance-

The blended learning method helps the teacher to keep track of all students’ performance and progress over the years. It helps them to see all the data under one system and understand growth among students. They can compare results with previous exam reports or scores from years before. It gives a complete idea about the subjects and topics in which the student is facing a problem and helps them improve.

The teachers can give accurate and personalized feedback to the students depending on their weaknesses and issues. Moreover, the parents and students can connect and communicate easily with the students in case of problems and difficulties helping the students be more comfortable working with the teacher. 

Increases Student Engagement-

 It helps the institutes to conduct various activities and programs to increase students’ interest and engagement in learning. They focus on building a friendly environment for the students so that they feel comfortable sharing their ideas and asking questions to the teachers.

Students participate in various activities, debates, competitions, and other activities which will enhance their skills, help in make friends, work in groups, and enhance their social and networking skills.

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