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  • Reference and EducationHybrid Learning

    Why is Flexible Hybrid Learning Important for Higher Education Institutes?

    Why is Flexible Hybrid Learning Important for Higher Education Institutes? One among them is the hybrid/blended learning method where the institute makes use of traditional as well as modern learning methods such as e-learning, to give the best of both to the students. Here’s why hybrid is important for higher education institutes. Reduces Teacher’s Workload- Blended learning in higher education…

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  • Graphic Designinggraphic design

    Graphic Design Principles and Element

    Components of work of art are the fundamental units of any noticeable plan that shape the format’s graphic design and bring its apparent messages. The elements of visual computerization are: Line —The greatest essential of the plan factors. Lines might be bended, right away, thick, thin, – layered, three-layered — whatever as a matter of fact! Graphic designing course in…

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  • Computers and Technologyhot desking booking systems - veris

    Pros and Cons of Hot Desking Booking Systems

    Hot desking keeps increasing in popularity as the workforce returns to work. The flexibility it offers is something that hybrid workplaces are very keen to adapt.  There are a lot of questions that still need to be evaluated. Though it seems to be an efficient solution to move forward with the hybrid setup there are its drawbacks to it. Let’s…

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  • Technology

    3D Modeling – The Latest Technology That Transforms the World

    3D modeling is a process of constructing a three-dimensional representation of an object or scene in the real world. 3D modeling consists of creating 3D models using computer software and then printing them out using 3D printers. Introduction: What is 3D Modeling and How Does it Work? Ir is the process of creating a three-dimensional representation of an object or…

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  • Computers and Technology

    Things You Should Know About Primavera P6:

    Primavera P6 has its origins in 1983 when it was first established under the name Primavera Systems that has been acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2008. Therefore, it is a project, program, and portfolio management tool. Hence, the companies are using it for planning, managing, and executing the project work  It is designed to handle large and small projects in various industries such…

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  • Business

    Top technological innovations in education

    Education has taken a considerable turn in recent times. And with the help of technology, these changes have become more relevant. Now education is more accessible, and students can receive education even remotely. If you wonder what these changes are and how they have changed the face of education. Here are the top six technological innovations in the field of…

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