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Pros and Cons of Hot Desking Booking Systems

Hot desking keeps increasing in popularity as the workforce returns to work. The flexibility it offers is something that hybrid workplaces are very keen to adapt.  There are a lot of questions that still need to be evaluated. Though it seems to be an efficient solution to move forward with the hybrid setup there are its drawbacks to it. Let’s see what some pros and cons of the pros and cons of hot desking booking systems are.

Pros of Hot Desking Booking Systems

Cost Effective 

The one thing that pushed the transition to hot desking was its cost effectiveness. Hot desking booking systems makes it possible to get more out of the existing resources by optimizing them. This helps the organization save money, time and space. This is pretty tempting for both large and small scale enterprises moving forward.

Perfect for Hybrid 

Given how much it works for the hybrid remote setup it felicitated the need of the workforce post pandemic era. It caters to the shifting needs of the workforce for example if teams work at different times, the same desks can be used. It also means teams can come in on different days and the amount of desks remains the same. All this adds to the need for having hotdesking at your workplace,

Better for Collaboration 

Hot desking booking systems along with the visitor registration system brings a lot of permutations to the workplace.. This means a new office culture can come into the picture. With people being away for so long due to the pandemic this can be a significant factor in bringing the back to work. It also results in better collaborations, with people from different parts of the organization sitting together can be the catalyst for not just better but faster collaboration.

Disrupt Existing Office Structure 

With implementing hot desking, the office structure and hierarchy take a full 360 turn. Hot desking booking system allows for a  more transparent office structure that allows people working at different levels to interact with each other. This helps break the communication barrier that might exist between different levels in an organization.

Cons of Hot Desking Booking Systems

Personal Space 

The first concern that people implementing hot desking booking system is what will happen to their personal space. Not having personal space that hampers creativity and even productivity.  But given the efficiency of hot desking, it’s only a matter of time before the entire workforce adapts to hot desking.

Hierarchy Disruption 

Having a shared workspace might be great for fostering collaboration but it also can lead to disruption in the office structure. Sharing space might lead to a feeling of a loss of personal space. This might be something that organizations consider while adapting hot desking to their workplace. The flexibility that it offers might be the solution for this. Different times for different people and space allocation based on teams are some simple solutions for this.

IT Resources 

Hot desk booking software might lead to an increase in IT resources. As most of it app based or web based this leads to an increase in IT resources. This might lead to an investment in more IT resources. As mentioned above the efficiency that it offers will offer extremely good ROI.

Health and Safety 

Given that a hot desking policy will lead to people sharing space it does lead to some health and safety concerns. To counter this features like sanitization status, and team occupancy schedules help.

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