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4 Life-changing Yoga Books Every Yogi Should

You may question at some point throughout your Yoga practice how a certain Sanskrit term relates to everyday life or how doing asanas physically relates to Yoga’s transforming abilities. Fortunately, Yoga for beginners has been written for thousands of years, so no matter what question you have, it has probably already been covered someplace. It takes time and reflection to come to a comprehensive grasp of this complex and variegated heritage.

Books can be excellent companions and comrades on the journey. Naturally, many ancient texts need careful, academic study, but there are also a lot of excellent books you should read on a cold winter night. Here, we’ve compiled a selection of books that, in our opinion, give readers a more comprehensive way to inculcate discipline and a deeper appreciation of how Yoga may change their lives. So here are 4 books that are considered life-changing in Yoga:

Stephen Mitchell’s New Translation of the Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita is yet another well-known yoga literature. Fortunately, Lord Krishna, who pulls his chariot, preaches a lecture on dharma: You must do what is right yet yield the results of your deeds. The Gita provides a guide for coping with the difficulty of choosing decisions even when there aren’t many good ones.

The modern translation by Stephen Mitchell is lyrical and stimulating to read. Friend says, “I use it to introduce the material to visitors.” Although it’s not the most accurate translation, it’s so beautiful and motivational that many are drawn to the tale. The true point is that it encourages people to act more morally and generally kinder.

It’s one of those epic tales about the conflict between right and wrong, a prehistoric Star Wars. You can identify with poor Arjuna because, like me, he is terrified, perplexed, and unsure about what to do. However, he has a sage at his side who is speaking the truth in such a way that any reader can feel it in their soul. Here, the poetry is translated into modern English in a soulful manner rather than in Sanskrit. Mitchell has written poetry that, in the words of Birmingham, Alabama, yoga lover Kate Tremblay, “speaks directly to the heart.” “You don’t actually need to strive so hard to grasp it; you can resonate with the truth of it.”

David Frawley’s book Yoga: The Greater Tradition

Numerous outstanding pieces of literature on yoga outline everything from appropriate postures to occult theories, including Yoga philosophy. This brief explanation explains what Yoga is, where it originated, and where it might lead you. My goal is to give pupils a fresh perspective on the breadth of the yoga cosmos, the author explains. “He delivers in just 110 pages. For beginners who want a deeper grasp of the practice and how its diverse components and traditions fit together, this book is a valuable resource. Frawley is an expert on Yoga, an Ayurvedic practitioner, and a prolific writer.

B.K.S. Iyengar’s book Light on Life: 

These have had a significant impact on Yoga for beginners in modern-day America. Iyengar provides readers with a why-to book in Light on Life. I’m becoming old, and death is coming,” he adds. But a human being cannot control either birth or death. They aren’t my territory. I don’t give it much thought. I’ve learned from Yoga to focus only on working to live a useful life. One must read various Yoga books to gather more.’

By Donna Farhi, Bringing Yoga to Life: The Daily Practice of Enlightened Living

She demonstrates how you can allow your practice to permeate all aspects of your life by sharing her personal experiences. No matter if you have knowledge about the diverse and expansive Yoga philosophy yet, one must excel in establishing the powerful connection between your inner transition and physical practice.

Since there are literally numerous best books on Yoga to choose from, we decided to focus only on works that were released within the last ten years. We did this because we believed that this restriction might help us in our quest to discover how the age-old practices of Yoga are currently relevant to our lives. Not because we don’t utilize and love asana manuals and reference materials, but rather because we wanted digestible works that may help you learn more than one aspect of the practice and Yoga Philosophy.

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