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5 Benefits of Using a Subscription Management and Billing Platform

When you start your subscription business, it might seem easy to handle all the details on your own. Eventually, your business will grow, and more processes will demand your attention. You’ll need to make big-picture decisions. For this reason, you might not be able to spend your time focused on adjusting subscription plans or strategizing to improve involuntary churn. After all, you won’t be able to oversee everything all the time. Instead, partner with a subscription management and billing platform to provide some help along the way. A service like this has many incredible benefits. Here are five ways the right partner can help you scale your business and free up time to focus on leading your team.

Manage Your Subscription Plans with a Billing Platform

With the right subscription tools, you can test new subscription plans. On your own, these new options would take a long time to integrate. Instead of taking on the project yourself, a billing platform can help. In fact, they can help you apply different pricing models to your subscriptions seamlessly. For example, fixed, tiered, or volume-based subscriptions are all popular options. The right platform can help you easily integrate any of these choices.

Make the Recurring Billing Process Easier for You and the Subscriber

As your company grows, you won’t have time to manage the entire billing process. This is another aspect of your business where a subscription management service can help streamline your workload. Essentially, they can manage the recurring billing process for you. The right billing platform can automate recurring payments and processes. Plus, an automated system cuts down on errors and time spent manually entering invoices and charges.

A Scalable Payment Experience

You might reach a point in the scaling process where you want to offer different payment methods. Sometimes, your customers prefer to pay in other currencies. With a variety of payment methods and gateways to choose from, more customers can subscribe to your product or service. The right subscription management partner offers simple integrations, meaning you can allow customers to pay with their preferred payment method.

Intelligent Retention Can Help Improve the Results of Your Churn Calculation

A subscription management service can also help improve the results of your churn calculation. They give you options to reduce involuntary churn that you might not be able to on your own. Look for built-in account updaters and automatic expired card management features. That way, you can sit back and let the billing platform do the behind-the-scenes work, allowing you to focus on different parts of the business and those big-picture decisions.

Find the Truth Behind the Numbers with Advanced Analytics

Running a churn calculation isn’t the only way for you to get an idea of how successful your business is. In fact, with the right subscription management partner, you can gain access to important data that gives you insights into your business and your subscriber experience. You can view analytics about anything from your customers to your revenue numbers to make informed decisions about how to improve your company.

Make Integrations Easier Than Ever

Integrating different software and tools into your subscription service should be easy. A subscription management platform connects your current workflow with new accounting, tax, and fraud solutions. If you want to make your business operations run smoother, a reliable subscription management service is the best place to start.

About Recurly

If you’re looking for new strategies to grow your subscription-based business, there is no better partner than Recurly. Subscription services have exploded in popularity over the past few years, so you need a subscription management and billing platform to help streamline every step of the journey for your customers. As a leader in the recurring billing industry, Recurly has over a decade of experience managing over 40 million subscriptions. Recurly offers your business a wide range of smart tools and data-driven insights to help fuel your growth and improve the results of your churn calculation. Whether you want to implement trial subscriptions, incorporate alternate pricing models, or integrate payment gateways for multiple currencies, Recurly makes it easier to take your subscription-based business to the next level. When you want to stand out from the competition, Recurly can help.

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