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5 Reasons Why Every Ecommerce Store/App Needs Click2Magic Live Chat App

Click2Magic Live Chat App has been known as one of the best live chat software in the industry and today, we’re here to tell you why it’s worth every penny you spend on it! Why should your eCommerce store/app have Click2Magic live chat? Let us count the ways… Read on to learn more about how we can help increase your conversions by improving your customer experience through the power of chat!

1) Increase Average Order Value

A great, free way to increase your average order value is to offer customers live chat support as they shop. A lot of e-commerce stores are opting for free live chat apps like Olark or Click2Magic and setting them up on their website to grow revenue by making online shopping easier and more fun. Implementing a live chat tool has never been easier: Not only are there tons of high-quality live chat applications out there, you can also host them yourself without having to pay a dime in hosting fees.

2) Improve Conversion Rate

Click2magic is the best live chat app for the website or Mobile Apps. It will be useful for an e-commerce store to increase conversion rate and revenue. It has a web-based live chat tool. In the future, if you have a membership site or SaaS product, you should have live chat on your website as well. Or if your niche is more about social media, having a free live chat app on Facebook or YouTube would be much helpful.

3) Reduce Returns

8 out of 10 returns are made within 24 hours of purchase. With Super Live Chat, eCommerce stores can significantly reduce their rate of returns by assisting shoppers while they’re still on your site. Delivering instant gratification will increase trust, cut down on returns and decrease costs in refunds and additional shipping. 2X Revenue Increase: According to Eloqua, companies using live chat see up to a 100% increase in revenue compared to those that don’t.

4) Provide Better Customer Service

Download a free live chat app like ​Super​ ​Live​ ​Chat and provide customers with superior customer service. Real-time communication is necessary to streamline sales and support. Save time, boost sales, and increase customer satisfaction by adding a live chat button or widget to your eCommerce store or mobile app.

5) Increase Revenue

While most businesses know that live chat increases conversions, few are aware of its other benefits. For example, having a free live chat app enables you to drive more traffic to your website or app by offering it as a free download. The only thing you’ll pay for is SMS, but given how easy it is to implement and how many people use apps today (especially since they’re on mobile), you shouldn’t have any problems convincing users to pay for it.


Live chat apps can make a lasting impression. Ensure your live chat agent is available round-the-clock and provides a great customer experience through online chat for the website.

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