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5 Ways to Support Students Who Struggle With Reading Comprehension

Reading is an integral part of student life. Can’t understand without reading, can’t learn without reading. Whichever way you see it, reading is necessary. Reading for understanding is thought to be boring by a lot of students. This difficulty is because we are more habitual of learning stuff rather than understanding it. Nini’s tutor is a reputable home tutor provider for students of Karachi colleges and schools. Read more to find steps for reading remediation for students who want to improve comprehension skills.

Start small for reading remediation.

Once identified, treating the problem of reading comprehension by starting with short paragraphs is a good way. It will make the reader gain confidence as it is relatively easier to understand short sentences and paragraphs.


Once the student has shown improvement in attempting short comprehensions, it is time to move on to the larger ones. Here, the key is to read it several times (at least twice) to retain some information. Having a good vocabulary is also helpful as it will make it easier to understand the context of the sentence quickly. In the exam, especially in Cambridge board exams, the length of the passage is more than 600 words. A good reading speed is also a mandatory requirement. Rereading and practicing to read at a faster pace will be helpful in the quest for reading remediation.

Read the questions

Reading the questions first may also help keep an eye on the stuff required to answer the questions. Marking the place with the question number at the site where you think is the answer to a particular question is also a good idea. This marking will help quickly get to the relevant text when it is time to write down the answer. Most of the time, copying the relevant text you have marked word for word in the response is a bad idea. The student has to deliver it according to his interpretation. Some people might argue with the concept of reading questions first, but it is a proven way to get the job done with relative ease.

Read in portions instead of the whole in one go.

Breaking down the passage into parts will reduce the pressure of lengthy comprehension. Doing it in pieces will make it easier to understand and relate the text with the question. However, Students should keep in mind that excellent vocabulary and fast reading are primary requirements for long comprehension.


There should be a complete focus while reading. Remembering information is not possible if read half-heartedly. If you are doing the comprehension the first time, it won’t be easy to focus on the text. The focus comes with continuous practice.

Reading remediation

So far, we have identified the fundamental problems associated with reading comprehension. The student has to learn to read faster, have an extensive vocabulary, be able to relate the text to the question asked, and the most important thing is to have complete focus on the task at hand. All these abilities will come in time, with constant practice.

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