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6 Major Reasons Why You Should Purchase Split Pins

Split pins are also known as cotter pins. These are simple wedge-shaped fasteners that are passed through a hole to tighten certain components. It is usually manufactured from thick wire and has a semi-circular cross-section. There are different designs and sizes such as spring pins, straight pins, hammerlock pins, etc. These pins are commonly used to stop the axial motion along the shaft because of their wedged or tapered design and are driven into the holes. You can choose among the various available industrial pins. Cotter pins are an excellent selection for many applications. These pins are manufactured from a soft and malleable metal that can lock low torque parts in place. 

Why You Should Use Split Pins?

Split pins are beneficial to use in many applications. Some of the advantages based on which they are considered preferable are as follows:

Affordability of Split Pins

The first and most important benefit is the affordability of split pins. They are considered among the most affordable types of industrial fasteners. They are designed very simply and are usually of compact size. The simple design makes them very easy to manufacture and easy to use as well. Due to such reasons, they are sold at a much cheaper price than other industrial fasteners. Split pins might be cheap in price but they are reliable in terms of quality and are durable as well. Therefore, if you want a good quality but affordable option, then split pins are the way to go. 

Compatibility of Split Pins

Compatibility is another notable factor of cotter pins. They are designed in such a way that they can be used in conjunction with a wide variety of fasteners. They are most commonly used with clevis pins. Apart from clevis pins, they are also compatible with other types of fasteners that include:

  • Hardboard discs
  • Castellated nuts
  • Various nuts and bolts

If your project requires working with a great combination of fasteners, then split pins are a good choice because of their wider compatibility range.


Cotter pins are highly secure fasteners and do not require much effort from the operator. This means that they will not easily slip off accidentally during a certain type of operation. 

One reason why split pins are so secure is during installation they are bent to fit in. This bent shape helps to prevent the accidental slipping off of these fasteners. To remove these pins, you will have to loosen other fasteners and make way. Therefore, if you need a fastener that will give you the surety of nothing slipping off during operation then split pins are a great choice.

Easy Installation and Removal

Additionally, to the advantages recorded above, split pins are likewise exceptionally simple to install. You just curve the prongs around the ideal latch or bolt, and the pin will remain set up.

Similarly, as they’re not difficult to install, these pins are additionally very simple to eliminate. Frequently, you can do it manually. In this way, in the event that you commit an error or basically need the split pin to go about as a temporary clasp, you will not need to battle to eliminate it or risk demolishing different pieces of your arrangement all the while.


Despite the simple design and low cost, split pins are highly durable and preferred for many tasks. In fact, their high strength is the reason why they are preferred in high-vibration applications. 

However, these pins are not reusable for many tasks because they get distorted when disassembled after installation. These pins are still very durable, once installed they can be used for many years. They may even outlast other components of the system. 


Something last to see the value of split pins is that various kinds of cotter pins are accessible.

While most work on similar essential plan standards, explicit types and styles are accessible to assist you with addressing novel requirements or taking care of particular tasks.

Assuming that you imagine that a split pin might be ideal for your next project, utilize them. You can investigate different split pin choices, more deeply study how they work, and get accommodating exhortation from cordial experts. Essentially contact the latch specialists at Ascension Fasteners. We’ll absolutely love to assist you with settling on the right fastener decision.


Split pins are affordable pins with a simple design and high strength. Because of such properties, they are highly preferred for applications where you need to secure certain parts in one place. They can work for a long time but once disassembled they get distorted and are not reusable for many applications. But as they offer many benefits they are preferred for a huge variety of applications. There are variations among which you can choose based on your requirements.

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