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6 Methods That Machine Learning Can Boost Online Education

A famous Swedish Philosopher once said:

“Machine intelligence is the last invention that humanity will ever need to make.”

-Nick Bostrom

Times have changed for humans. There were times when humans used to ask God to cure their disease. However, things are different now. They ask the doctor to cure their disease, and belief in doctors increased as Artificial Intelligence made it easier to diagnose any disease.

In this century, humans are inventing machines that are intelligent, intellectual, and interesting. Billionaires like Elon Musk are experimenting on Pigs with computer chips to see if they could change and connect the human genome with machines, for example, The Neuralink Corporation.

So, this post shares credible, unique, and relevant information on machine learning and its impact on online education.

Why is there a need for super-intelligent machines?

All of it was a myth for several millennium years but, this century, things got changed. Humans had evolved from Sapiens to Cyborgs, increasing our intellect to a whole new level. But, who are those humans who could not evolve to become a cyborg?

Many questions are raised since A.I. simulated software is on the market. But, as Sci-Fi stories have always amused humans, a group of biogenetic engineers is working to bring out a super-intelligent being. That machine will have the energy to predict and suggest accurate human outcomes.

For this to happen, the first thing we need to do is prepare all types of Machine Learning Algorithms. Such algorithms can help humans shape what is unknown to them. And having a super-intelligent machine can ease the lives of humans in the following aspects:

  1. Our daily lives chores.
  2. It can educate us anytime and with accurate results.
  3. Moreover, it will be able to finish tasks that humans cannot.
  4. Super-intelligent machines will be able to spread high intellect across the world as they don’t have any limitations like a human brain.
  5. It can end the need for cheap PhD thesis help to save humans hard-earned money.

Types of Machine Learning

The following SmartArt shows the list of 3 significant types of machine learning:

1.   Supervised Learning:

In such a type of learning, a machine learns with a set of data that has a set of instructional algorithms. Such algorithms determine the outcomes that are unforeseen by using the data given to the machine.


2.   Unsupervised Learning:

This type of machine learning has no labelled data, and the machine has to self-predict the outcomes. Such learning is complex and does not require any set of instructional algorithms. Moreover, the data machine identifies are neither classified nor labelled until self-done.


3.   Reinforcement Learning:

It is a complex type of machine learning which examines behaviours and predicts outcomes by perceiving and interpreting its environment. Such a learning agent notes down our behaviour and then recommends what to do next. For example, “The Recommendation system in Facebook and YouTube.”


6 Methods to Boost Online Education with A.I. Tools

Many methods can boost online education; however, when it comes to boosting e-learning with the A.I. tools, things get easier. Engineers have developed efficient tools using Machine Learning Algorithms to provide students with everything according to their needs.

Some of the known methods to improve the e-learning system are as follows:

1.  Use Hugh as your Library assistant

Most of the time, students visit the Library to find the material for their subject. A university in Wales developed the first A.I. library assistant whose job was to help you locate the books in the Library. Hugh (A.I. Library Assistant) uses voice recognition to understand our queries and can guide us to our online and physical libraries book.


2.   Using Multi-language Tools

You got your class in the German language, but you are a U.S. native. Now, studying in German or any foreign language would be complicated, making it hard to e-learn. Therefore, engineers developed a crucial language translator that has affected the e-learning world. As a result, you can use the Duolingo application to learn any foreign language course as it is an AI-based language-learning manifesto.


3.   Learning from Artificial Intelligence Bots

Studies have become online mostly. People learn by watching interactive videos that are self-created by A.I. bots. All of this was a myth a few decades back, and since after the Covid-19 virus struck, the world has opted for the newest technologies that help in learning online. People use A.I. bots for repetitive questions or tasks. When a bot teaches, it teaches with accuracy and perfection.


4.   Online Assessment Quizzes

Many essay writing service USA based had created software that tends to take an online assessment of the students. It has helped them to multiply their knowledge and suggest topics that can be useful for their essays and assignments. Moreover, not only in terms of education but when one is applying for a job, online quizzes are taken to check the expertise of the respective person. For example, quizzes on LinkedIn help LinkedIn A.I. compile and recommend the job as per your expertise.


5.   Online & Blended Courses

As the world has accepted new ways of learning, the online and blended courses offered are now taught by A.I. expert tutors. It is now becoming common to study from an A.I. agent than a human. It happened as humans of this generation got dependent on technology, and A.I. compiled their private data to recommend what they required the most. Learning from an A.I. agent can teach us effectively and maximize our efficiency by improving the quality of the online courses.


6.   Setting up Supervise Learning algorithms in Every Institute

Machine Learning Algorithms (ML Algorithms) have already ended the stress education causes in students’ lives. If every institute sets up an A.I. agent with a supervised learning algorithm, the chances are that every student can get personal attention from the agent. In addition, this can help the machine to create its courses for the respective student using the data that’ll make them perform well.


In A Nutshell!

It is said:

“We’re at the beginning of a golden age of A.I. Recent advancements have already led to an invention that previously lives in the realm of science fiction – and we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible.”

-Jeff Bezos

As this quote concludes the post, the following methods discussed above can boost any online education that a student requires.

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