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6 Tips To Never Forget Before Buying The Best Hair Toppers

Hair toppers are gaining popularity lately; you might wonder why! It is one of the best solutions for hair loss coverage, adding length to your hair, increase hair volume, or other hair-related problems. There are a lot of good reasons to justify the above statement. 

For starters, It is lightweight, very easy to install, and gives you a natural look in no time.. They also come in various styles and sizes, lengths, and thicknesses. It all depends on how long and thick you want your hair to be.

If you are planning to get hair toppers for yourself, this blog will provide tips on finding the best hair toppers. 

In this blog, you will learn about the different materials used to make a hair topper and which is best for you. A good suggestion for you is to check out Diva Divine’s website if you are unsure of where to start. Diva Divine sells the best hair toppers in the market, and we are certain that you will not regret buying their products. 

With that being said, let us get into it and get the natural hair toppers for you.

1. Determine The Type Of Hair Loss You Are Dealing With

It is certain that the amount of hair loss you are dealing with will determine how big, small, long, or thick hair topper you need. So, it is best to know about the stage of hair loss you are at. 

Top pieces of real hair toppers will cover hair loss in the crown and parting area if you have thin or fine hair or are in the early stages of hair loss. This fantastic solution will seamlessly blend with your natural hair for a really natural look.

Clip-in fringes are a great solution if you have thinning or hair loss at the front of your hairline or temples. It is a well worth solution for long and short hair because it looks great on both.

2. Find and Measure The Area Of Hair Loss

From front to back and side to side, measure the region of your hair loss as well as the size of your head. You’ll then be able to tell if the natural hair toppers you eventually buy is a good fit for you. This will be important when choosing the base material for your hair topper.

3. Do You Want Synthetic Or Human Hair?

With synthetic toppers, you can choose a hair that is already styled.. You also don’t have to worry about the weather destroying your hairpiece because it will keep its style regardless of the conditions.

On the other hand, human natural hair toppers have all of the characteristics that your natural hair has. These toppers are weather-responsive and require a little more maintenance in terms of styling. However, since they are made of real hair, they have a very natural appearance. 

Real toppers owners must be cautious while styling because too much heat can damage the topper, just as it might your own hair. They are more expensive than synthetic hairpieces, but they are well worth the investment because it fits and looks very natural.

4. Choose What Type Of Base Material You Want 

Each base is unique and has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

Lace, for example, has the most natural appearance and is lightweight and breathable. They are sensitive and do not have a lot of hair density or durability. Skin bases are thin, natural-looking, easy to maintain, and inexpensive, but they aren’t long-lasting, breathable, or appropriate for hotter areas. 

In general, mono bases are more robust, allowing them to hold more hair density while being comfortable to wear. They are, however, less breathable and natural-looking than lace.

5. How Long Do You Want It?

Whether you want to match the style and length of your natural locks or go for an ultimate hair makeover, there are several real toppers lengths available for you to pick from. 

The length of the topper you’re searching for will help you decide which one is best for you. Short and sassy hair toppers, mid-length hair toppers, and lengthy and luscious hairpieces are all available options. It depends on you how you want to style it.

6. What Color Do You Want?

Best hair toppers, like wigs, are intended to blend in with your natural hair, so picking a color near your actual hair color is very important. Human hair toppers can be difficult to match, but with so many beautiful hues, highlights, and lowlights to pick from, you can easily find the right match. 

On the other hand, synthetic fiber hairpieces come in a wide range of colors. You are not limited to sticking to one color when choosing a synthetic fiber hair topper; whether you choose a natural hue or something particularly enjoyable to wear, the choice is all yours.

Some people choose their topper color and then color the rest of their hair to match. This is fantastic if you’ve discovered a hue that inspires you, but it’s best to seek expert help when coloring because they’ll be able to color it more properly.

Types Of Hair Toppers 

Choose the one that suits your personality
Choose the one that suits your personality

We understand that some people are hesitant to use hair toppers and wonder if they are harmful to their hair. Hair toppers are absolutely safe and terrific to hide hair loss, increase hair volume or experiment with a new style. 

While hair toppers aren’t harmful to your hair, wearing them incorrectly is. Fortunately, knowing how to use them appropriately is simple. The best hair toppers to pick from and how to use them when making your next purchase are listed below:

1. Human Hair Topper With Light Colors

Light colors look great on all human hair toppers and wigs. Monofilament and lace look particularly good in light blondes if you prefer the color.

2. Hair Topper For Face Framing Style

Since the material clings to the scalp, lace real hair toppers blend exactly to the curve of the head and lay quite flat. The lace becomes a part of your scalp, and hair appears to grow directly out of it, giving you an absolutely natural look.

3. Hair Toppers If You Have Hair On Your Crown

In these real hair toppers, the hairs are knotted onto transparent fabrics on mono and lace bases, allowing you to see your scalp beneath. It won’t have the same impact if you have a lot of naturally growing hair on the crown.

You’ll need to stitch a flesh-colored wig cap underneath if you have dark natural hair and are wearing a light-colored hair topper. This is how a lot of celebs wear their hair.

4. Hair Toppers That Are Most Durable

Silk real hair toppers base has a higher density than monofilament or lace toppers; therefore, they will last longer. The hair can also be triple knotted underneath, making it more resistant to shedding. 

5. Easy To Wear Hair Topper 

All real hair toppers are simple to wear, but if you’re wearing a lace front topper to keep your hair out of your face, it’s critical that the lace lay entirely flat. You must ensure that the lace hairlines stay totally flat to the scalp when pushing the hair back from your face to style. As a result, there is some further work to be done. 

Don’t worry; it’s not difficult. A little glue, strong hold hair spray, or lace front topper tape will do the trick flawlessly.


So, these were the tips and guidelines on finding the best hair toppers for yourself. The tips are basic and easy to understand, so you will not be confused while making your next purchase. 

If you are not really sure where to get the best natural hair toppers, we suggest you visit the Diva Divines website as suggested earlier because they are practically a one-stop-shop for all your hair concerns. 

Don’t wait any longer to look glamorous every day; with real toppers, you will be able to have the hairstyle that you had always dreamed about! 

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