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6 Truths About Being Pregnant and Ovulation You Know

To get a successful pregnancy, it is essential to know about ovulation. Lack of knowledge about ovulation can reduce the chances of conception. According to the study, more than half of the women are not aware of the importance of ovulation. Usually, individuals have to do sex before ovulation for Being pregnant. After ovulation, there are fewer chances of getting pregnant. Sperm may indeed survive for up to 5 days inside the women’s body. Also, it is important to fertilize an ovulated egg with sperm. 

In reality, there is a direct relationship between ovulation and getting pregnant. If you are doing sex just before ovulation, there are higher chances of getting pregnant. Otherwise, you may have to wait for a longer time to conceive a baby. However, there are several signs and truths of ovulation. You can know about the signs through your doctors. Let’s know the 6 truths about ovulation and getting pregnant.

Truth 1: You may have to wait for Several Months to Conceive a Baby

In your school time, you may hear that it is easy to get pregnant. But, it is not true! Nowadays, getting pregnant is not an easy task. It may take lots of time. Several factors are responsible for it. For example, excess use of birth control, unhealthy lifestyle, using alcohol, infertility issues, etc. Here are some important points in this regard:

  • In reality, some couples can easily get pregnant in the first month. However, it depends upon the health condition of women.
  • Generally, getting pregnant in six months is normal.
  • If couples are taking one year to get pregnant, it may be a little normal.
  • But, if the time taken by couples is more than a year, it is known as abnormal. In such a situation, you should visit the IVF fertility centre.

Truth 2: It May Possible to Get Pregnant During Your Menstrual Cycle

It is the reality that women can get pregnant during their periods. Usually, your pregnancy depends upon ovulation rather than the menstrual cycle. Several women think that they can’t get pregnant during the menstrual cycle. Also, they think that sperm flushes out along with blood during periods. But, it is not true! Your periods will not affect the movement or swimming of sperm in the body.

Truth 3: Having Sex Before Ovulation Increases the Chances of Pregnancy

Undoubtedly, sex before ovulation leads to an increase in the odds of pregnancy. This is why; most women always pay attention to their pregnancy calendar. It helps women to get pregnant faster compared to normal days. Here are some important facts included in this truth:

  • If you want to get pregnant faster, try to do sex before 3 or 4 days of ovulation.
  • Indeed, the sperm can swim for up to 6 days inside the female reproductive tract.
  • This is why; doing sex after ovulation can be too late for getting pregnant.
  • For better guidance, you can consult with a nearby doctor/gynaecologist. 

Truth 4: Doing Sex regularly can’t help you to get Pregnant Faster

Doing sex regularly doesn’t mean getting pregnant faster. Well, conception is important instead of timing to get pregnant. The fertilization of eggs and sperm plays a vital role while conceiving a baby. Sometimes, the couple can conceive a baby in the first month. While some have to wait for several months. It mostly depends upon the health conditions of the patient. Also, you can visit the best gynaecologist hospital in Bangalore. In case of infertility issues, it is better to take advice from a fertility specialist.

Truth 5: Ovulation Signs are not always clear

Usually, there are several signs to determine ovulation. For example, BBT (basal body temperature), ovulation predictor tests, cervical mucus observations, etc. But, these signs are not always obvious. Some people may determine ovulation through basal body temperature. On the other hand, some people are unable to experience the same signs. They may have to face other signs. Also:

  • Signs may be different from one person to another. 
  • Sometimes, few people have to experience the symptoms as per their health conditions.
  • Daily lifestyle plays an important role in determining the obvious sign of ovulation. 

Truth 6: Ovulating is the Only Aspect behind Getting Pregnant

Undoubtedly, ovulation plays an important role in conceiving a baby. But, the pathway of the egg should be clear inside the body. For example, if there is a blockage in the fallopian tubes, pregnancy can’t happen. Also, sperm and egg should meet together to get pregnant. Likewise, infertility also doesn’t have obvious symptoms. In this regard, it is important to go through fertility testing for accurate results.

Last Thoughts

Without ovulation, it is not possible to get pregnant. That is why; women should be aware of their ovulation. Also, there are several misconceptions behind getting pregnant and ovulation. So, it is advised to clear your doubts with health experts about ovulation.

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