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7 Reasons Why Mobile Advertising Is Better Than Internet Advertising

Why Mobile Advertising Is Better Than Internet Advertising?

Do you know why Mobile advertising is better than Internet advertising? With the end of this past decade, we saw a hike in the popularity of digital advertising. Many different advertising experts and marketing specialists have deployed various advertising ideas to dominate the SERPs for business growth.  

For growth in sales, customer relationships, and business, advertising plays a very crucial role in introducing your business, product, or service to completely new markets and potential customers. 

Out of all the advertising techniques, efficient, reliable, and result-oriented mobile advertising has quickly become one of the most preferred methods of advertising and it did that in a very less amount of time. 

So today, we decided to list down the seven reasons why mobile advertising is better than internet advertising. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

Toe-to-Toe Nature

Multiple times you will find yourself sitting completely idle with your phone in hand. This one-on-one nature of mobile devices makes it very viable for the business to reach customers whenever they want. 

Mobile advertisements are more useful than conventional internet advertisements when spreading product or service awareness or promoting sales. Internet users get more specific and summarized ideas of the product on their mobile phones than on their PCs or laptops. 

Multiple Channel

PC-based advertisements have a single channel for reaching their users. However, it is not the case with mobile advertising. 

You get multiple channels to communicate with the customers on their mobile devices. These channels include text messages, multimedia messages (MMS), voicemails, calls, missed call notifications, push ads, mobile internet, and most importantly social media advertisement. 

Drafting emails with mobile phone layout in mind is also beneficial for the business that update their stock regularly or the ones that want to spread brand awareness. 

Simple Personalization 

Unlike a PC or a laptop, almost everybody has a mobile device. Generally, they also save all of their information on their phones. 

The amount of relevant information that you can easily obtain from a phone user is enormous. This makes it easier for advertisers to target their users with smart, precise, and simple personalization. 

The information you can obtain from a phone device includes demographics, shopping preferences, visited websites, time of activity, email accounts, and more. 

Targeted and personalized advertisements get more clicks and conversions because users find them more relatable and convincing. 


Mobile phones also allow you to access your customer’s location. Once you know your customer’s changing neighborhood, you can advertise anything relevant such as a discount at a nearby store or a new place to eat. 

This way, local businesses can get better benefits from mobile advertising as compared to internet advertising. Your audience movement and location are some things that you can only track when tracking their mobile devices. 

Social Media Access

Most internet users have their profiles logged into their mobile devices. Many advertisers target their social media advertising for their mobile users and optimize their Newsfeed advertisement campaigns accordingly. 

All this is done for the number of clicks that businesses get when advertising on social media. Businesses can get maximum traffic on any advertisement on different social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 

There are different tools like PowerAdSpy that allow you to assess different strategies used by various advertisers on their websites. 

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Mobile Advertising Sets Off Response

Mobile advertising offers useful for improving customers’ response rates. Those mobile advertisements that cater to customers’ real-life solutions such as billing, or booking can set off an immediate response from them. 

Coupon codes, scratch cards, and several other discount deals aren’t useful if they don’t appear on your mobile phone. Many advertisers offer coupon codes on various modes of payment like PayPal, GooglePay, and more in the form of rewards for money transfers. 

There are multiple ways of promoting your business on mobile devices and the majority of users generate responses, even if it isn’t instantaneous. 

Fast and Immediate Response 

Mobile users usually don’t skip any push notifications or email unless it is uninteresting, boring, or spam.

Creating catchy advertisement titles is extremely crucial as it grabs the user’s attention. While it is difficult to grab users’ attention on PC advertisements, in the case of mobile advertisements, users immediately decide if they are interested in your product or not. 

Adding CTA buttons brings more conversions in the case of sales, discounts, etc. As per some of the sources, it increases sales by a whopping 30%. 

Final Thoughts

Mobile advertising may not sound as might as it is, but its results speak for themselves. According to research, the company’s engagement rate increased by 56% when advertising on mobile devices. 

Just because the number of mobile users is increasing, that doesn’t mean we can treat them similarly to how we treat PC or laptop users. The key here will remain on focusing on what sells in the market. 

Always remember that only the best digital marketing agency can offer you top-notch, durable, and efficient mobile advertising for effective and rapid business growth. 

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