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A Landlord’s Guide to Dubai’s Electrical Installation

Electricity is a vital part of our lives. After food, water, and a roof to cover our heads, electricity is a basic necessity ( unless you are still living somewhere cut off from the rest of the world in a small tribe).

Despite the dangers associated with it and thousands of incidents that take place every year in different parts of the world, we can’t imagine a world without electricity.

From house wiring installation to appliance repairs, precaution is what you need to prevent any loss of property or life.

In this post, you will learn how you can ensure safety during electrical repairs at home, installation of a new appliance or wiring, or any kind of electrical work.

1. Never Take Matters into Your Own Hand

The first piece of advice is a pretty straightforward one: Never think you can do it on your own – if you are not a professional! 

Only in the United States, where safety measures are much more advanced than in the rest of the world, electrical hazards cause more than 300 deaths and 4,000 injuries each year.

So no show of gallantry here; let someone experienced and with an adequate toolset fix the appliance or put a joint between the wires.

2. Always Hire a Competent Person to Carry Out Any Electrical Work

The next piece of advice is to always, always hire an electrician from a credible electrical service Dubai. The thing is, anyone can call himself an electrician only because he once changed the bulb at his home or the capacitor of a fan.

But not all electric works are so simple. Some involve a risk of injury to the repairer while some are so complex that the slightest of mistakes can result in damage to the appliance – or worst, fire.

Do you know what happens when two wires collide with each other? Or when the fan is not properly attached to the ceiling? Or when a certain part of a wire is left naked within the reach of a crawling infant?

Regret…is all you do once the damage is done. So you are better off hiring a competent individual who may ask for higher service chargers but it’s worth paying for the sake of your and your loved one’s safety.

3. One Repair at a Time

Yeah, one repair at a time. Electrical repairs are quite delicate and sensitive, you can’t oversee two to three repairs being conducted in different rooms or locations of your house. 

Nothing should be done without your supervision because it’s your house. At the end of the day, you are supposed to know which wires are where and why; what would happen if somebody replaces them or something goes wrong?

Whether you are repairing an appliance or installing new wiring, you ought to know everything about the process. So the next time another repairer visits your home, you would be able to elaborate everything in detail and save your and his time.

4. Send Your Family Out in Case of Lengthy Work

Safety comes first, if you intend to change the electricity meters in your home ( that might require turning off the electricity for a while) or any lengthy repair, send your family somewhere else.

The first reason is their safety, particularly of kids who can touch naked wires or disassembled appliances. The second is hours-long electricity absence. It’s going to cause inconvenience for the residents, so why take the risk?

At the least, you can ask them to move into a room or the upper portion where they will be safe.

5. Turn Off the Main Switch in Case of Live Repair/Replacement

No matter how competent and brave your electrician is, never let them conduct live repairs on the fan, tube light, or circuit breakers. Appliances that are connected directly to the wires shouldn’t be repaired or taken down without turning off the main switch.

Particularly while repairing fans, it’s a common practice among repairs that they don’t mind doing it live. But it’s risky; one out of 100 times you are going to get a shock ( and fortunately if you had slippers on you might survive).

6. Avoid Dangling Wires

Dangling wires are bad. The wiring around light bulbs and fans is often left hanging after the repair. Though these appliances are attached to the ceiling top and no kid can reach them, on the safer side you should put a clip on those. And better hide them some way.

If left hanging loosely, the next time someone else will work on them they will cause problems. Besides that, if they are too low, for example within anyone’s reach, they are dangerous too. According to statistics, around 51,000 home fires occur each year causing as many as 500 deaths.


In a two-room apartment or a mansion, home is home. And when it comes to our home’s safety, there should be no compromise. So the next time you need to conduct an electrical repair or a complex installation, rely on professionals to get the job done in the safest and most efficient manner possible! Like Reliable Electrical Service Dubai.

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