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About:blank – Know How to Remove From Browser

One day you may notice the address about: blank in your browser : what it is and how to remove it are your first thoughts. Of course, this will cause bewilderment, what kind of site is this, where did it come from. Or is it some kind of virus, unknown software glitches, how to fix it.

The appearance of “about:blank page” actually has nothing dangerous, most likely. This is the system page, it is empty. The page is built into almost every browser, it is similar to “about: settings”.

But there is another side to the appearance of “about: blank” in the browser – in rare cases, it can be a virus or malware. This is what our article is about.

Browser creators made it for the following reasons:

  • After starting windows, the user wants to start the browser from a blank page, he does not want Yandex,
  • Google or another site to open immediately;
  • Saving computer memory, network resources;
  • If your browser doesn’t understand what it needs to open, it launches a blank about:blank page;
  • Launching a new tab.

Also, about:blank may appear if you have opened a malicious link.

Why is it needed

It may seem crazy to have a blank page, but it is really needed.

How browsers work:

  • you write the site address in a special search bar;
  • the server is contacted, the page you specified is requested, in response to the request, an html or Php code is obtained, which allows the browser to display the desired site;
  • the page you are looking for is displayed.

If this is the case, in the standard scenario, about:blank will not appear.

But here’s another scenario where you’ll see about:blank.

  • When searching the net, you found a link to download the file; it can be a game, a program, a torrent file, a Microsoft Office document;
  • This link contains the target = “_blank” parameter inside the <a> tag;
  • Such code instructs the browser to download the file and at the same time displays a blank about blank page;
  • The downloaded file will be visible in the window below.

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So a blank page is not scary at all.

But! If you click on a link that contains a virus, you will also see about:blank , since the virus page code will not be understood by the browser. It turns out that if the web browser cannot open something, then it displays about:blank.


In Google Chrome, when stratum is loaded, is loaded. In other browsers and other other sites.

Many people are pissed off, they don’t want to download anything. Therefore, they prefer to leave a blank page when loading so that nothing loads.

Setting about:blank as start page

In Google Chrome, for example, in the appearance settings, put “Quick Access Page” instead of “Enter a web address.”

You will run a blank page for quick access to resources.

Similarly, you can select settings in Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer.

In case you want to run, and other sites on browser startup, register them in the appearance settings.

What to do if a virus has entered your computer

If you did not set a blank page at startup in the settings, then the appearance of about blank most likely indicates the presence of a virus. Naturally, it must be removed from your computer or phone.

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