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Applying the alcohol based sanitizer to the hands

We use sanitizer to our hands to kill germs and prevent various diseases. During this pandemic situation, everybody is applying sanitizer to their hands to kill germs present on the surfaces or objects. They apply sanitizer when they are leaving outdoors or when they return home.  You should buy alcohol based hand sanitizer because it is powerful and kills 99.9% germs. If you apply sanitizer, then you need not wash hands frequently. But, you should be careful when you apply sanitizer to your hands. Do not apply sanitizer unnecessarily or too frequently because it is concentrated. 

Applying sanitizer to the hands

If you apply sanitizer to your hands, then you need not apply water.  You should apply sanitizer when you are leaving outdoors because water may not be adequately available. When you are travelling, you should apply sanitizer because you are exposed to various pollutants and germs. Under such circumstances, you cannot wash your hands too. The alcohol based hand sanitizer contains 70% Iso Propyl that kills germs 99.9%. So, it is also known as an immunity booster because it prevents various diseases killing germs. Even if you are experiencing water scarcity in your area, then you can buy a sanitizer to kill the germs. Today due to environmental threats, we are exposed to various germs, pollutants and dirty particles. We should apply sanitizer whenever we leave outdoors. 

How to apply hand sanitizer ?

We should apply some drops of sanitizer to your hands or palms. You should rub the sanitizer to your palms and on the knuckles. Do not apply the sanitizer to other parts of the body. You should rub it unless it becomes dry. 

Being careful after applying sanitizer

Do not apply sanitizer in excessive quantities because it is concentrated. Your skin may peel away if you apply excessively and you experience inflammation. You should apply alcohol based sanitizer in smaller quantities.  After applying the sanitizer you should not be exposed to flames because it is flammable. You should always stay away from fire. Even a drop of sanitizer should not penetrate into your eyes. You should visit a physician immediately if a drop enters into your eyes. Immediately, you should wash your eyes with water if you apply a sanitizer to your hands. If you are experiencing irritation applying the sanitizer, then do not continue using the sanitizer. 

If anybody swallows the product, then you immediately require medical assistance.  The sanitizer bottle should be kept away from flames, heat and moisture too. This sanitizer can be used regularly but not in excessive quantity.  The lid of the sanitizer bottle should be sealed tightly and should not be exposed to air. It gets evaporated if exposed to air and cannot deliver the desired results.  The layer of the cap becomes white. 

Sanitizer is useful to mankind to prevent different types of diseases but should be applied to the skin sparingly.  The sanitizer bottle should be kept away from children too.  Apply sanitizer to your hands to prevent different types of diseases and germs. 

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