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Back to school headaches. What can parents do?

How many times does your child need to see the school Pediatrician in Lahore each month? How do you know if your child’s headaches are related to the transition from one school to another?

It can be hard to tell the difference between physical and emotional pain, especially when you have so much on your plate as a parent.

Fortunately, there are experts out there that can help ease your mind. Here are some tips for handling back-to-school headaches and getting peace of mind as your child goes back to school after the summer break.

Pediatricians are child specialists

Some parents prefer pediatricians for their children’s health needs, believing them to be best child specialists compared with general practitioners. To find a Pediatrician in Lahore, check out your insurance provider’s provider lists or ask other parents in your area who they recommend and why.

You can also search online directories of reputable healthcare providers. Other sources include hospital websites, local medical schools, and newsletters from area medical associations that include doctors’ names and specialty areas they practice in.

Overcoming back to school headaches

Many kids find that their new, more regimented schedule is a major source of stress—and, unfortunately, many parents don’t even realize that it’s causing their children stress until they start acting out and experiencing headaches in school.

If your child is having frequent back-to-school headaches, it might be time to visit a child specialist.

Identifying a Source of Stress

To help your child get back on track when they experience a period of stress, it’s important for you, as a parent, to identify what might be causing their stress. That way, you will know which steps to take to relieve it and get your child ready for school once again.

Dealing with the Stressor

Sometimes it’s obvious where a child’s stress stems from (for example, an upcoming birthday party or a family wedding). Other times, though, kids are stressed out over situations that might not seem stressful, such as going back to school or starting a new extracurricular activity.

A professional child specialist will be able to talk with your child about what may be causing their anxiety and help them deal with those sources of stress in a healthy way.

Help from Parents

Back to school time is a common source of stress for students and parents alike. Still, there are steps that both groups can take to mitigate back-to-school pressures before they start:

Find a good pediatrician

Ensure that your child gets enough sleep.

Review their current schedule (including extracurricular activities).

Create a healthy meal plan.

Booking an Appointment at Our Practice

So that is why if you wish to prevent your child from having similar issues, it is best to take them to a best child specialist in Lahore for their physical check-up at least 3 months before starting back at school.

The best pediatrician in Lahore at our practice does all these checks and provides us with a written report on our child’s concerns, where we then discuss them with our family doctor or refer them back to specialists if needed.

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