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Benefits Micro topping Floor Has To Offer

An alternative concrete coating service is micro topping floor. You can change floors or walls using Micro topping, which has a thickness of just 3 mm, without removing the current surfaces. It can be applied to any surface type, including wood, concrete, self-leveling, ceramic, natural stone, and others. It is perfect if you want to design a distinctive and contemporary room with a continuous, cutting-edge, tactile surface.

1. Design versatility

Micro topping is both attractive and versatile. The only limitation is in your imagination. Micro topping is available in a wide range of hues and textures. It can be applied to shelving, counter tops, baths, walls, and ceilings. There is a color palette from which to choose. It is possible to create a variety of finishes, from sleek and smooth to rustic and anti-slip.

2. Easy maintenance and cleaning

To maintain a flawless and long-lasting finish, isolation of Micro topping during the initial few days of application is crucial. The long-term upkeep of polished concrete micro topping is comparable to that of a wooden floor. During the first month, the floor can be cleaned with a mop and water without the use of soap or detergents. After that, it is advised to wash with water and a PH-neutral detergent.

3. Change colours anytime

Another benefit of micro topping is that you can change the color; all you have to do is sand the surface and reapply the micro topping. For individuals who enjoy switching up their color schemes, this presents a wonderful chance. In general, the UV resistance of the utilized colors is very high, and the protective treatments don’t deteriorate over time. Micro topping is not easily oxidized. However, as with all materials, it can begin to fade slightly after years of continuous exposure to light or the environment.

4. Water-friendly

Micro topping is appropriate for bathrooms, shower stalls, bathtubs, and other similar areas because it offers good protection against water penetration. The sink itself may be covered. Micro topping adapts to the contour of the support and has adequate adherence. Naturally, a specialist must do an appropriate examination to determine whether the surface is suitable before restoring old surfaces.

5. High resistance

Micro topping is extremely resilient to stressors of all kinds, much like a high-end timber floor. Micro topping has excellent heat resistance and showed no obvious flaws when subjected to stress tests at temperatures as high as 115 C. Numerous demanding laboratory tests have been conducted on micro topping to evaluate its performance. Micro topping’s resistance to mechanical forces, impacts, wear, heat, cracking, and corrosive substances has been evaluated. As a result, when compared to a standard floor resin, micro topping has a substantially higher resistance.
A growing decorative trend is micro topping. Micro topping concrete cost depends on a number of factors. The ultimate cost of micro topping will depend on a number of factors, including the quality of the material, the number of square meters of surface to be covered, and the complexity of the operation. Applying micro topping to a wall is different from doing it on a stairway or swimming pool.
Dunhill is the top option for both professional and do-it-yourself flooring. For contractors, property managers, and do-it-yourself home remodelers, Dunhill offers the highest-performance micro top polished concrete coating. We work closely with all of the leading vendors in each of our disciplines.

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