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Blood Test Services at Home | Pain Free Blood Test

We know when COVID-19 has knocked in the country since we have gone to many doctors. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, we have faced many problems, like lockdown. We have followed many of the guidelines under the Corona. Due to this, the number of people going to the lab to get their blood tests done has come down. At home, more and more people are opting for blood test samples. Most people are postponing their routine tests to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19. Multiple labs report a 40% drop in people taking blood tests and phlebotomy appointments. As per the 2020 data report by Quest Diagnostics, it was found that there was a drop in test volume in the last two weeks at that time.

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Keeping all these changes in mind, health institutions have been motivated to adopt and move forward with new technology and practices that enable Ragi to conduct their own blood test collection and self-testing safely at home. Many care providers are using telehealth. To reduce the risk of illness during the coronavirus pandemic, it allows virtual contact with patients. It is a virtual representation of healthcare services. A survey of doctors in April 2020 found that 85% of patients are seen through phone and video calls. Through this study, we also found that 77 percent of participating doctors supported the move to telemedicine.

Keeping all this in view, the demand for home blood test services is increasing day by day. Most people now want to get the test done while sitting at home. So that their time is also saved and they are also tested safely. And they do not have to go anywhere to get the report; the order is delivered to the patient’s house. Their report is also given to them online. Some common home tests are Blood Sugar, HbA1C, Liver Function Test, Kidney Function Test, Thyroid Profile Test, Hormone Test, Iron Deficiency Test, CBC, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Testosterone, and Cardiac Profile Tests, etc. are done. This test is done by our highly trained and experienced phlebotomists who take full care of your health and safety.

 Why is at-home blood testing so popular nowadays?

It is important to test patients’ blood properly, and this provides safety to both the people doing the blood test. Patients no longer need to be told about their tests. All these facilities are given to you while sitting at home. Instead, the blood collection kit is sent by the laboratory to the patient’s home. Patients can send their blood test samples in the provided envelope for laboratory testing.

There are many labs that provide your home delivery service. If you want to get your blood test done while sitting at home, then you will have to call the nearest health care service provider for your blood test services. And the service provider will send experienced phlebotomists to your home for blood sampling. This facility is beneficial for everyone. It also saves people’s time. It is also convenient, comfortable, and safe.


We attempted to explain this to you in this article, as well as to provide answers to the questions posed by the readers. If you want to take advantage of the blood test service at home in Yamuna Vihar in Delhi, then you can do it by clicking on this link. This article provides detailed information about the blood test service at home. Through this article, we have also told you that we can get the test done from any angle while sitting at home.

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