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Boundary Holding, managed by Rajat Khare, invests in an aircraft company

Rajat khare holds a Computer Science degree from IIT-Delhi, and has interned at RUCA, University of Antwerp in the Department of Mathematics. He has been a keynote speaker in over 20 major conferences and events across the globe. His work as an investor has also been cited as a case study in the course of Entrepreneurship run by Professor Patrick Turner in INSEAD Business School. He has authored various research papers published in international conferences and books, such as Data Mining V by WIT press.

Rajat has co-authored Make the Move on entrepreneurship and Science of Achievement on education. Both the books reflect Rajat’s inclination towards promoting entrepreneurship and a holistic incubation of innovative solutions around the world.

An active member of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE), the IIT Delhi alumni association and the Indian angel network, Rajat proactively supports and encourages entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ventures around the world. For his efforts to promote entrepreneurship, he was appreciated by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam at the President’s house in 2006.

An investment in Asteria Aerospace by Boundary Holding, a European investment fund, has been disclosed. Bengaluru serves as the home location for this robotics and artificial intelligence business.

Neel Mehta and Nihar Vartak developed Asteria, which provides unmanned aerial platforms to the mining, construction, and oil sectors. In addition to the military and law enforcement. Drone-based solutions from Asteria produce useful insight from aerial data. Integrate easily into operational workflows.

The fixed-wing helicopter Cygnus, the multi-rotor drone A400, and Genesis. Asteria Aerospace’s software platform for fleet management and drone control are all available. In addition to a wide range of industrial uses, Asteria has acquired some intriguing clientele, such as Indian paramilitary forces, state police forces, and multinational corporations.

It is astonishing how simple it is to use, how accessible it is. how well it integrates with other technology like measurement devices, cameras, load carriers, or even webcams.

The investment made by Boundary Holding is consistent with a global trend that shows a keen interest in artificial intelligence and its potential for drone monitoring. Drones and the airborne data they acquire have shown to be quite effective for gathering intelligence and making well-informed decisions.

This funding follows that of Singapore-based firm XRVision, which specializes in facial recognition. Boundary Holding, a deep tech investment firm, intends to invest at various points along the AI value chain in order to establish a portfolio of businesses delivering incredible AI solutions in diverse industries. The simultaneous investments may be advantageous for Boundary Holding. Due to the potential for AI-based Video Content Analytics and useful drone intelligence. This sector is receiving a lot of interest on international marketplaces.

AI-compliant face recognition technology and video analytics will change several industries, most notably those in security and surveillance.

Future video analytics tools with AI and substantial technology integration will be able to affect choices and increase output. This technology is one of the most alluring sectors for investment due to its high level of precision and adaptability.

Predictive video analytics and facial recognition technology have had a significant impact on the surveillance, damage control, and security sectors. Despite this, XRVision has received a lot of funding for its attempts to advance video analytics.

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