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Breast Reduction Surgery FAQs: Answers You Should Know

Breast reduction surgery is a surgical procedure of removal of excess fats from the breasts. Planning to go for breast reduction surgery in Miami is a difficult decision. There is a huge list of all the long-term health effects that you may expose yourself to. Hence, there must be a list of questions that you may be interested to discuss with your surgeon. These will not only give you clarity but will also help to make up your mind.

Generally, ladies who find their breasts unusually larger than the rest of their bodies or who feel excess pressure because of the excess heaviness of their breasts causing pain, and soreness of the neck plan to go for a breast reduction surgery. Those with gynecomastia can also undergo this surgery. Before going through this surgery, properly go through all the breast reduction surgery FAQs.

Breast Reduction Surgery FAQ

There is a long list of all the breast reduction surgery FAQs. There are a lot of questions people want an answer to, before finalizing the surgery. This will help them in farming their minds.

How to prepare yourself for Breast reduction surgery?

The first step towards preparing for breast reduction surgery is to get your mammogram done. This will help the surgeon trace the activity of your breast and get a better understanding. The doctor will take your mammogram 6 months before the surgery and another one after you heal completely.

How big do your breasts need to be, to get a reduction?

The size of the breast generally depends on the BMI. Planning to go for a breast reduction will help you reduce the cup size by 1 or two cups only. There should be enough breast tissue left to support your nipples. Hence, size is an important factor.

How many cup sizes can I get down with breast reduction?

Studies and surgeons suggest that you can get your breast size reduced by 1 or 2 cups. This number can be more if you have unusually large breasts. The reduction in breast size is up to the point where they are sufficient to support the nipples and the underlying tissue.

What is the recovery time after breast reduction surgery?

It generally takes 2-6 weeks for complete recovery from breast reduction surgery. You may take leave from your work. Apart from that, You may also need help managing the daily chores, childcare, shopping, etc. You may even avoid driving until you feel no pain while wearing a seat belt.

What are the risks of breast reduction?

There are some long-term risks associated with breast reduction. Some of these are deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, unusual scarring, hematoma, clot, delayed wound healing, fluid accumulation, and also the spread of infection.

How painful is breast reduction surgery?

Your breasts may feel sore for 2-3 weeks after the breast reduction surgery. You may also experience stretching and pulling in the breast area. You may need pain-relieving medicines for the first two weeks. The pain may fade and you may start feeling better and more energetic within 2 weeks or so.

Is breast reduction different from a breast lift?

Both breast reduction and breast lift surgery will change the shape of the breast. There may be tissue removal and reduction in both cases. The main difference between the two is that there is no reduction in the breast size during the breast lift surgery while the main purpose of breast reduction is to reduce the size of breasts.

Does Breast reduction surgery increase my risk for cancer of the breast?

The common myth that breast reduction surgery will expose and increase your risk of being cancerous is false. There is no link between the two things. Getting breast reduction surgery will decrease your exposure to encountering cancer.

Can you use liposuction for breast reduction?

Breast reduction by liposuction involves a less invasive procedure. During liposuction, the doctors break the layers of fat. A suction pulls out this layer of fat. It is an easier, less invasive method and ensures that you do not get any post-surgical scarring or irregular patches on your skin.

How much does a breast reduction cost?

The average cost of breast reduction surgery in Miami is $5913. Other expenditures like anesthesia, OT facilities, etc are not a part of the average cost. The final costing will include all these expenses and may increase further. You may even get insurance for your surgery if your breast size is posing serious health risks.

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The breast reduction surgery FAQs answer all the major queries regarding breast size reduction. The recovery time may vary between 2-3 weeks and you may need help during this period to do the regular work. There are some serious health complications that can cause due to breast surgery. You may keep them in mind and then decide if the risks are worth the outcome.

Liposuction is a new advancement in breast reduction surgery where the suction of excess lipids takes place. This is the least invasive method and ensures little or no scarring. You may ask your surgeon about the cost and the possible health risks and then, if you want to go ahead, you can make your choice and plan a breast reduction surgery.

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