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DIY Guide to Replace Your Bath Taps in 5 Simple Steps

Bath taps are an essential element of every bathtub. Whether you choose a bath shower mixer, taps attachments with it or a simple design, you will need to fill up your bathtub. 

Bathroom renovations cost a fortune most people cannot afford. This forces many homeowners to stick with their old boring bathrooms making their bathing and showering experience awful. However, simply replacing your bathroom taps is a smart and cheaper way to upgrade your bathroom and get a pleasant feeling.

No matter how minute they might look, bathtub taps do make a lot of difference. Consider how many times you interact with the taps in your bathroom, and even if you don’t, simply looking at them will make you feel bored and gloomy. Newer bathtub taps, however, instate satisfaction and contentment in mind every time you use or even glance at them.

Why Are Bath Taps Important?

Bath taps with bath shower mixer taps attachment are necessary for everyone who wants a comfortable bath. These can help you in many ways. Generally, we can divide their importance into two parts.

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  • The first is that this mix the water for you to attain the required temperature. You have full control over a lever and can choose the amount of water you want to mix.
  • The second is aesthetics. Although very small parts, the taps can play a big role in creating the overall aesthetics of your bathroom. 

Bath TapsHow to Install New Bath Taps?

If you are going for bath taps with bath shower mixer taps attachment replacement to save money, rejoice because there is another way you can cut the costs. Replacing bathtubs is no extra-ordinary feat meaning you can install a new pair yourself and save on the money you would otherwise spend on hiring a plumber.

  1. Remove the Bath Panel : Start by removing the bath panel attached to the bath taps. Most bath panels such as acrylic ones are clipped in and therefore can be removed by a simple push; however, other panels are fixed with screws. Use an adjustable wrench or spanner to reach the supply pipes.
  2. There is a high chance, the pipes and the inner fittings will be corroded. If that’s the case, apply penetrating oil after cleaning the surface and leave for a few hours for it to settle. Make sure you apply the pressure appropriately not to let the taps bend while you are loosening the back nuts. Boiling water works best for removing any old sealant.
  3. Separate the Supply Lines : Detach or isolate the water supply lines connected to the taps. There is usually leftover water in the lines which should be properly trained to not make a mess otherwise. Make sure you undo the connectors that act as a binding agent between tap tails and supply lines using a wrench.
  4. Remove the Bath Taps : Once the supply lines and connectors are separated from the taps, remove the bathtub taps using a spanner or adjustable wrench. Apply pressure on the base in an organized fashion to prevent the taps from turning. First, loosen the nuts at the start and remove the tap afterwards.
  5. Attach New Tap : Make sure you know the hot and cold-water supply lines to install the new bathtub taps accordingly. Fit the hot tap first that is usually installed on the left side. Place it on the exact location and twist the nut attached at the base using your hand. Once it is in the right place, tighten the screw using a wrench. Repeat the same with the cold-water tap.
  6. Examine Any Leaks : After you have connected the taps to water supply lines, release the water supply from the mains and check if there is any leakage. If not, re-attach the bath panel back to its place.

Final Thoughts

Bath taps with bath shower mixer taps attachment are one the important element. You can not imagine using the bathtub without them. Replacing them is not much difficult. However, if you have never used plumbing tools before, then it will be a better idea to hire a plumber to do the job. You can check Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK, for the latest range of taps from Kartell, Premier and Hudson Reed available at cheap prices. 

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