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Eat Limited Protein Each Day For Optimal Muscle Gain

Protein For Muscle Gain

Anyone who has even the tiniest bit of knowledge of fitness and training knows how important protein is to the growth of muscles. We’ve written a number of posts on the need to increase the amount of protein in your diet component. Do you really know what amount of protein you require daily?

In the same way that eating too little protein may impact your results however, eating too much protein can lead to a variety of other issues, including:



Heart Disease

Diarrhea, etc.

Before you chugging down shakes with protein or mass-gainers, let’s figure the best diet to your physique.

The amount of protein consumed per day is determined by your personal needs.

In the world of fitness there are many questions that do not have a definitive answer. Everybody’s body functions differently for different people, which is why it’s essential to understand yourself first.

We have categorize three major categories based on the regularity of their exercise:

People who aren’t exercising even a little.

Gym-goers who occasionally visit.

Regular gym-goers.

The ideal amount of protein to consume each day will vary, based on the group you’re in.

People who do not exercise in any way

For those of us who can’t spend an hour exercising and are living a full-time lifestyle Protein is vital for you too.

While your intake of protein should be less than usual but you still need proteins that are equivalent to half you bodyweight.

If, for instance, your weight is 80kg, you’ll need 40g of protein a day.

A few gym-goers

The second category is people who do not go to the gym regularly, i.e. people who exercise every two or three times a week.

Although you may need less protein than normal exerciser, your intake of protein is not going to be as high as the body weight. 70-80 percent of your body weight is the ideal protein intake.

For instance in the case of an 80kg person who does not regularly exercise the recommended protein intake of 55-60g every day is adequate.

Regular gym-goers

Then, we come to those who consider skipping the gym to be a sin and who show up five to six times per week.

Naturally, this group requires the highest amount of protein in order to maintain their fitness. If you are in this category, you’ll require proteins that are equivalent to your bodyweight daily.

In this instance the person who weighs 80kg requires 80g of protein in order to maximize gain in muscle.

It is possible to exceed the amount of protein you consume over your body weight when you’re exercising at a higher level. The best athletes and the truly experienced who put every effort into their workout will require more protein intake to sustain their routine.

In this section it is possible to boost your protein intake slowly until it is just a bit greater than the body weight.

For instance, an 80kg person at the highest levels can consume between 80 and 90g of protein a day.

If you’d like to be an expert bodybuilder, you can read this informative article about the subject.


I hope this article can help you figure out how much protein is needed daily for maximum gain.

We’d like to remind you of the need to change your diet in line to your workout. We’ve observed that numerous of our clients from India struggle to increase the protein content in their diet. The majority of our clients are vegetarians and doesn’t consume eggs or meat.

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If you’re having similar problems We suggest you look through this list of high protein foods. Health Write For US They’re cheap and readily accessible in nearly every supermarket in the country.

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