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Emailing Your Company From Gmail Is A Smart Move

Emailing from your company account may be sent to your personal Gmail account, but they cannot be returned.

Importantly, put your hand up in the air if you don’t mind, and assume you have four types of emails: you’re own, your company’s, junk (because who doesn’t have one of those?), and two sporadic messages for groups you’ve thought of forming. Even if we can’t see you, we’re virtually certain that many of you who are reading this right now can identify.

Since we at Seahawk Learn are committed to improving your business life, we’re here to let you know an enlightening little hack that will make them sing the thank heaven ensemble. Kiss all the thoughts that lingered around for a long time sifting through your head. Since today, we’ve been assisting you in moving your Godaddy.Com Webmail, Godaddy.Com Workspace Login; we’d like to wish you goodbye. Will we be able to?

Login To Your Account

Logging in to your GoDaddy account is the first step. Go to “My Products” after logging in.

Step 2: Send an Email to Your Friends

The “Extra Products” menu may help you move your email ahead. Select “Email Forwarding” from the drop-down menu. If you haven’t already used it, you’ll notice a variety of free credits based on the number of locations you have in your account. To recover, press the “Recover” button. After making your selection from the drop-down menu, choose the region that corresponds with your business email and click “Reclaim Credit.”


Importantly, once you’ve clicked “Make Forward,” put the company email in the main box. In the second section, provide the email address to which all of your business correspondence should be sent. However, click the “Make” button on the pop-up screen’s bottom right.

Step 3: Check and Fix Your DNS Configuration

To move your Godaddy.Com Webmail, Godaddy.Com Workspace Login to Gmail, you’ll need to complete a series of tasks. Select “Server Settings” from the drop-down menu on the “Apparatus” tab. If “No MX records were identified,” an error message should be shown, indicating that your email sending will not work.

The best way to deal with this is to go to the DNS settings page and input the correct info.

However, once you’ve signed in to your facilitating stage, go to your DNS settings page. To access your products, click “My Products.” You may find your space address in the “Areas” section. To the left of your region’s name, click the “DNS” link.


Using your other tab, copy and paste the mainline under “Right Settings” into the “Focuses To” box to complete the “Focuses To” section. In the “Need” field, enter a 0 and click “Save.” You’ll be sent back to the section titled “Records.”


To set a new MX record, press “Add” a second time. Decide on “Type” by selecting “MX.” Add a “@” in the “Host” field. On your other tab, copy the second line under the “Right Settings” box, paste it into the “Focuses To” field and save it. Enter the number “10” in the “Need” box and press “Save.”


Your email sending is now complete, as shown by this message! However, there are two more ways to ensure you’ve got everything covered when it comes to sending out business emails.


Try sending an email to your company’s email address and seeing if it arrives in your Gmail inbox.

SMTP2GO Account Creation Stage 4

An SMTP2GO account is required for this which you get with Godaddy Discount Code in a compatible price. Select “Try SMTP2GO Free” at Could you make a note of it? You will get your SMTP login and secret password after signing up.

Add Your SMTP Account To Gmail In The Next Step

Go to your Gmail account and choose “Settings” by swiping the stuff symbol on the far right of the screen. You may get this information by clicking the “Records and Import” tab. Secondly, as part of the “Send Email As” option, choose “Add another Email Address.” Fill up the “Name” field with the person’s name answering messages from your company. Add the company email address you created in the “Email Address” field and click “Next step.”


Rearrange the order in which your SMTP2GO login and secret word appear. Return to your SMTP2GO account page and click “Finish” in the “SMTP Server” box. In the “SMTP Server” field, paste the information near the SMTP Server. The Port drop-down menu has “25” in it, so choose that and then press “Add Account.”


After clicking the email link, make a copy of the confirmation code. Repent and click “Confirm” after pasting the code into the check box. We’re all done now!


Go to your Gmail account and return to your Settings to ensure that you correctly transmitted your Godaddy.Com Webmail, Godaddy.Com Workspace Login to Gmail. Look for the “Send Mail As” option under the “Records and Import” menu. However, your company’s email address should appear in the list.When using Godaddy.Com Webmail, Godaddy.Com Workspace Login, start a new browser window and go to your personal page there.


We hope this helps you in your day-to-day work. Thirdly, check out our whole Seahawk Learn collection for even more helpful websites and audio.
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