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Fluffy Slippers or Boots? What to Wear Depending on Your Mood

Your choice of footwear can change depending on the kind of mood you are in. You aren’t going to put on a pair of hiking boots for a relaxing afternoon when you want to curl up on the couch and watch a movie. Your footwear choices often determine what activities you might get up to during the day, and your mood can line up perfectly with what you want to do. So, when you’re deciding what to put on your feet, first ask yourself how you’re feeling today. Then, you can determine whether you want fluffy slippers or a pair of boots.

Productive Mood

Sometimes, you wake up ready to be productive from the moment you open your eyes. You spy the to-do list on your bedside table, and you are determined to make sure everything gets finished by the end of the day. When you’re in a productive mood like this, you need boots for women that can take you anywhere and keep your feet comfortable all day. Boots made with a sheepskin and wool blend lining can keep your feet warm and comfortable no matter the weather. That way, you can check off all the errands and projects you have planned.

Creative Mood

When your creative muse sings, you’ve got no choice but to listen. You can’t let a creative mood pass you by without taking advantage of it. This is the perfect time to slip on a pair of fluffy slippers and get ready to find your creative flow. When you are painting, writing, composing, or enjoying any other artistic endeavor, you want to be as free as possible. The right pair of fluffy slippers offer your feet the freedom and comfort you need to feel relaxed and excited about your next masterpiece. Need to feel the grass for some poetic inspiration? You can quickly kick them off. Want to pace up and down the sidewalk to get your thoughts organized? You can slide them back on just as easily.

Social Mood

Lately, you’ve wanted to spend the whole day hanging out with your friends. Enjoy some brunch, go to a fancy dinner, or hang out downtown for the night. When you’re in a social mood, boots for women can be your best friend. An 8-inch boot that comes in various colors like black, tan, and gray goes perfectly with jeans or leggings for your social outfit. The versatility of boots makes them perfect for a day when you don’t know where you’ll end up. You just know you’ll have the company of the people you love most.

Relaxed Mood

Whether the sky is gray, rain is drizzling down, the sun has set, or you’ve worked hard all day, there are times when you are ready to kick back and relax. Nothing sounds better than a mug of hot chocolate and a warm blanket. All you have to do is kick your feet up, and you’re ready to relax. What better way to enhance your relaxed mood than with a pair of fluffy slippers? A comfortable sheepskin footed and a lightweight outsole makes for a design you can wear inside or outside. Even if you need to quickly step outside to check the mail or walk the dog, you can keep your relaxed mood going.


If you love footwear that can take you anywhere, then BEARPAW® is for you. With slippers, boots, and hiking shoes designed to be versatile and comfortable, BEARPAW’s selections are made to match your lifestyle. Whether you are kicking back for a weekend movie marathon or hiking your favorite trails next weekend, BEARPAW has you covered. From slippers for kids to boots for women, you can find high-quality footwear for the entire family. BEARPAW’s cozy designs feature a suede material and comfortable sheepskin lining to help keep your feet dry and warm wherever you go. When you’re looking for something a little more rugged, pull on a pair of their hiking boots for men and women. They’re designed with Neverwet  technology and thermoplastic rubber (TPR) outsoles to help keep the elements out. No matter where your next adventure takes you, trust BEARPAW to help you live life comfortably.

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