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Digital Marketing

Four Tips To Boost Your Blog’s Traffic That Actually Work

Traffic to a website indicates increased sales opportunities and revenue. And that is something you can achieve through your website blogs. Blogging is fun. It helps you establish an authority in your field. Most importantly, blogs can dramatically increase the number of people visiting your website.

As per Hubspot, marketers who focus on blogging are 13X more likely to achieve a positive ROI. 46% of people rely on recommendations from blogs. 34% of buyers are most likely to make an unplanned purchase after reading quality pieces of content.

All in all, blogs act wonders when it comes to generating traffic and revenue. Here are four effective strategies that can help you boost the traffic to your blog efficiently.

Optimise the blogs with accurate LSI keywords

It is needless to say that SEO is one of the best ways to bring traffic to your blog. Whether you are starting the website from scratch or rebranding the existing one, you are most likely to know what primary and secondary keywords are. Google uses these keywords to understand the context of your content and ranks the page accordingly.

Recently, the Google Hummingbird algorithm changed everything. According to this algorithm update, Google not only looks at keywords but also understands topics. Google also said that Hummingbird affects almost 90% of all searches.

Now how do you make Google understand the topic of your content? This is where the role of LSIs come into play.

What are LSI keywords?

LSI is the abbreviated version of Latent Semantic Indexing. These are words and phrases that relate to your primary keyword. For instance, let’s say you wrote a piece of content on black jeans. So your LSI keywords for this post would be:

  • Ripped black jeans
  • Black denim jeans
  • How to buy black jeans?
  • Where to buy black jeans from?

The more you use these LSIs in the content, the better Google understands that this content is about black jeans. So whenever your target audience looks for black jeans, chances are your blog shows up on the SERPs.

You can use free tools such as LSIGraph to settle on the LSIs to use in your content. Sprinkle them throughout the content to help Google get the hang of the topic of your blog.

Create evergreen list posts

According to a Moz case study, evergreen posts are pieces of content that have continued and sustained success. The study also shows that evergreen posts have the potential to generate traffic for years even after their original publication. You don’t have to hire essay writer for this content. You can create evergreen posts on your own with the following tips:

  • Choose the right topics

You must choose topics that have persistent traffic potential. Analytics tools such as Google Analytics can help you out. Take a look at the traffic of your website and see the pages that have maximum traffic. Now all you have to decide how you would spin the content to add value to your readers.

  • Use suitable keywords

The right keywords ensure that your blog reaches out to people who are interested in it. You can use keyword discovery tools such as Ubersuggest.

  • Do not add any particular dates or events

Once you add a date to your content, it shortens the blog’s lifespan. Avoid using current events or dates since those might not be relevant in the future.

  • Write detailed guides and tutorials

Guides and tutorials never go out of style. These forms of content can also help you showcase your authoritativeness. You can build trust with your target audience through accurate guides and tutorials.

It is not easy to create evergreen posts. But, with time and the right tips, you can do it. Update your blog posts regularly. All you have to do is ensure that your target audience can relate to your blog even years after the published date.

Create long-form content

According to studies, long-form content performs better than short or thin posts in search engine results. Long-form content doesn’t mean you get to add fillers and jargon only for the sake of increasing the word count of the blog. It means your content should have a high word count and a huge depth in terms of the details used.

Here’s why long-form content helps you gain more traffic to your blog:

  • The role of keywords is inevitable in blogs whether long or short. Long-form content however is more keyword-rich due to the mandatory keyword density. Thus, it has higher chances of cropping up in SERPs.
  • Longer posts are by default more detailed. That means you provide more value to your readers through the long posts. Your target readers will find a solution to their problems or get their queries resolved once they read the long-form content.

You have to be careful while writing long-form content because you are not supposed to overdo the length of your blog. Yes, long-form posts attract more readers and even provide more value to the readers. But, it is also possible to get carried away with the length. Remember, your target readers are busy people. So make sure your content is valuable before publishing them on the site.

Update existing blog posts

You must already know the importance of fresh and unique content in your website. Search engines love fresh content. It is definitely one of the most effective ways to generate traffic and rankings for your site.

New posts are important. But, it is equally important to update the old ones that already have a considerable amount of traffic. It’s fine if you don’t have the time to blog every day. It is not mandatory. The best thing to do in a time crunch is to update your existing content since that will keep the content strong and in-depth.

Updating existing posts don’t take a lot of time. You can review older posts and add updated information to them to enhance the quality. The freshness of your existing posts lets Google understand that the post might be old but has valuable information for readers. Thus, it helps your blog posts perform better in search results.

Refreshing the existing content may not work all the time. It works only if the older content I still relevant to your target audience and conveys valuable information. You can even add strong images to enhance the quality of your existing blogs.

Wrapping Up,

A well-designed website is a preliminary requirement to thrive in the online space. You need consistent traffic to your website to stand out from the cut-throat competition out there. The best way to boost your overall website traffic is through blogs. Besides primary and secondary keywords, you should optimise the blog with LSIs as well. Create evergreen posts to retain your website traffic for several hundred years. Focus on long-form content where you provide in-depth information to the readers and help them solve a specific problem.

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