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Free Fire Cobra APK Update (Gameplay Guide)



Now most of the updates bring limited progress but this time the developers have introduced new enhancements, game modes, and much more. So in today’s review, I will help you understand more about the new update and how you can start playing right now. Further information is provided in the following sections.

About Free Fire Cobra APK

The free Fire Cobra update is the latest update of FF and you will see some amazing upgrades in the overall interface and game play. The theme of the game will remain the same but there will be changes in other aspects. We share complete information and guide you through this latest update which will help you to have a better understanding.

The developers are working hard to make it last longer because it is a fighting royal game and there is a lot of competition. You may have heard of popular games like PUBG and Fortnite. These are the major games in the Strategic Royal Section and the FF was able to get on the list with these games.

This is possible because the developers are bringing new inventions in each update. This time there will be new costumes and characters. There will be changes to existing locations and you will see new skins for weapons and more upgrades. This is going to be the best game experience you have ever had.

The above mentioned is just the beginning of this update and this is something you need to know about it. Now shares all the information related to the progress.

You go to the notification once and you are ready to start your game. Here are the new features.

Dynamic duo

Now you can create an amazing bond with your in-game friends. This pair is going to be different from the past pair team you made. This time there will be a set of tasks that you have to do and get your interest and premium in-game items free of charge while completing the tasks in pairs.

Weapon upgrade

Weapons will be more stable than before and the level of damage to weapons has increased. Now, only a specific number of weapons have been added to this feature. All the rest will have the same damage level and sensitivity.

E-Sports Hall of Fame

A special section has been added to the game at this time where you will be able to see the names of the top performing players in the international FF e-game competition. You will be able to see complete information about their performance.

Resurrection of slain teammate

In this Cobra update, you will be able to bring back the slain team. You will be given a set of tasks and when you complete the tasks you will bandage the dead couple. Helps to

Legendary cobra skin

You will be able to use the legendary cobra costume but the costume is premium so you should buy it. The skin has been created to match the theme of this new update. You are going to experience an amazing log in your character.

These are the major updates you will get and there are still plenty available. Here is a list of rename updates

  • Target range renewed
  • Mini UAV.
  • Landing style.
  • Landing location sign change.
  • Mixed settings.
  • Options Extended graphics settings option.
  • War tags

The gameplay is officially available on the Google Play Store and you can easily install it from there. You have the option to download the APK file and OBB file separately from third-party sources. If you choose to get third-party source files, then you should go through the simple installation process.

You will need to download both files and once you have done so, start installing the APK. You need to allow installation from third-party sources. Once you have installed the APK, do not open it. Now you need to copy the OBB file from your download to Android> Games folder. You are ready to Play Squid Games online free.

Key Features

  • Interactive graphics.
  • The level of weapon damage increased.
  • Sensitivity settings increased.
  • New places to visit in the game.
  • New leather for letters and weapons.
  • Get premium items by creating a dynamic pairing.
  • Additional settings.
  • More
Last word

Here’s a guide to help you get the most out of Garena Free Fire’s latest update. You just need to download the game and start playing immediately.


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