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Full Body Checkup – Everything You Should Know 

In the contemporary world, many people have their own excuses to ignore mild health problems. Ignorance leads them to have no care and treatment. Gradually, a mild problem becomes severe. And when a disease becomes troublesome, they visit a clinic or hospital to treat the issue. Sometimes, the severity of a health issue takes the life of a person. You can save your life and stay healthy if you are among such people by having a full body health checkup. If you are not aware of it, read this post to educate yourself about it. 

What is a full body health test?

A full body health checkup is a type of routine health test that a doctor recommends and a pathologist performs by taking requisite samples. It facilitates a doctor/physician to assess your overall health. With it, you can easily know whether your body requires attention and medical intervention or not. This test comprises a person’s medical history, lifestyle, surgeries, previous/current health tests, and allied information

What is a full body health checkup?

Generally, a full body health test is an essential test package that covers the screening of a person’s overall health. It differs in its content from one pathology lab to another. However, most full body checkup packages include tests for:

  • Kidney function 
  • Urine analysis 
  • Blood
  • Thyroid
  • Lipid Profile 
  • Liver function 
  • ESR (Infection & Inflammation)
  • Uric acid and calcium 

What is the cost of a full body test?  

The cost of a full body health checkup differs from one city to another and one pathology lab to another and the package availability. If you want to know the full body checkup price in Delhi, you will find packages with different price tags. However, you can get your full body test at the cost of something between INR 500 to INR 2 000 based on the lab you visit and the package you choose. 

Why should you have a full body test?

Having a full body health checkup once a year is highly beneficial. Knowing its advantages will make you comprehend why you should have a full body checkup. Here are some noticeable benefits of having a full body health test:

  • Detects a disease earlier – Usually, people are not aware of a disease when it is at an early stage. And hence, people have worse illnesses as they start having visible symptoms. A full body test can help you detect a disease before it starts developing.    
  • Saves your life – A full body checkup once a year is preventive care. It helps you save yourself from severe illnesses with their outcomes through early detection.  
  • Keeps you informed – Usually, no one has an idea what is going on inside his or her body. Having a full body health test regularly helps you know your current health status and what steps you should take to stay healthy and fit.  
  • Offers quick recovery – In general, people take a lot of time to recover from a chronic disease. A disease becomes severe when it shows no visible signs. Through a full body test, you can easily know a disease when it is in a developing state. Early detection and treatment help you recover from it soon. 

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  • Monitors overall health – People are aware of the fact that a healthy body has a strong immune system and is less prone to diseases. A full body health test helps you know what is going on inside your body and what you need to do to stay healthy, as it tests your body for all its essential functions. 
  • Lowers your healthcare cost – You would have seen the elder’s visiting hospitals and having frequent hospitalization. Frequent visits and hospitalization are expensive. A full body health checkup helps you lower your healthcare cost by informing you of your current health status regularly. And encourages you to take the requisite action before a health issue gets worse and forces you to have the expensive treatment and hospital stays.    
  • Increases your lifespan – You would have noticed an ill person dies earlier. A regular full body health checkup lets you have no chronic diseases such as heart problems, kidney failures, diabetes, and cancer. As you are safe from severe illness, you live longer. 
Who should have a regular full body checkup?

You should have a full body health checkup regularly if you are more conscious about your health. People should have this if they :

  • Had cancer and want to restore the quality of their life 
  • Feel or notice unusual signs like diarrhea, breathing issue, constant cough, and sudden weight loss or gain 
  • Are over 50
  • Need a surgery to treat a disease 
  • Want to avoid having unexpected health problems

A full body test is a routine health checkup. It includes tests or screenings to evaluate the essential functionalities of the human body. Regular checkup saves a life, increases lifespan, monitors overall health, lowers healthcare cost, detects disease earlier, offers quick recovery, and keeps informed on current health status.

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