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Digital Marketing

Google My Business Backlinks

Google My Business Backlinks

The simplest Local SEO strategy To get New Backlinks on Google

Backlinks are thought to be to be one of the most important local SEO ranking elements. Quality and diversity play an important part in creating backlinks through Google. The easiest method of obtaining more hyperlinks for your business’s site (other than generating the citations) is via the Google Business Profile itself. It is the Google Business Profile provides many features , including five ways to establish backlinks. The five options also have other benefits and are able to generate traffic to your company’s site. This shouldn’t be taken for granted , especially when you think that the majority of citation websites won’t ever provide your website with traffic.

5 Ways to Increase Links To Your Website Using Google Business Profile

1. Google Business Profile Website Link

The first is the most obvious, however it’s unlikely to be referred to as an official backlink even though technically it’s a. This is that link that directs users from GBP to your site by clicking the icon for your website on the Google Business Profile. It’s the primary link that links your site to GBP and ensures that you’re able to rank on local organic results.

Google Business Profile Website Link

2. Google Business Profile Products

The second option can be used to advertise your product or service pages by registering products on GBP. Create a new product, fill in the required fields, select the CTA and add the appropriate URL to the page for your service or product. If you’re a solely service-oriented company, don’t be afraid to utilize this option.

Google Business Profile Products

3. Google Business Profile Posts

Google Business Profile posts are an excellent method of engaging with your target audience and to build backlinks to GBP regularly. There are two methods to include links in Google posts.

Cut and past this URL direct onto the post

Google Business Profile Posts

Include a call-to-action at the lower right of the editor. paste the URL into your URL box.

Google Business Profile Posts

I’d usually select #2 for the CTA button to the right since it can lead to more conversions. However, you can test this option as well.

If you’re not sure what you should post then take a look at these 50 extremely efficient Google Business Profile Content Ideas.

4. Appointment URL

The majority of Google Business Profile dashboards enable users to add an appointment URL to your profile. The appointment URL will be visible to the public in the GBP profile. Be sure to select the right URL that allows your customers to make an appointment or even to reach you. This URL should not be used for any other purpose.

Appointment URL

5. Google Business Site

This is likely to be the most fascinating and well-known method of adding backlinks to your GBP business. To do this it is necessary to enable the site for your business within the GBP dashboard. It is located under “website” in the sidebar.

Three steps are required to create an external link

  1. Edit the left
  2. Complete all fields, and add links to the body section and then click that checkmark.
  3. Press publish at the upper right.

Google Business Site

Track Your Link’s Engagement

The amount of engagement (views as well as clicks to articles and products) appears to depend heavily on the field the business operates in. Certain industries are able to boast a high level of engagement while others have a minuscule amount. If you don’t see any kind of engagement Don’t be worried you don’t have to be your fault.

Marketing is essentially trying out different strategies until you find an effective method. Test different ways to share your content as well as make your product (services) more attractive. Engagement is the key to success and the more customers are engaged with your content and content, the less time they’ll spend browsing other companies and profiles.

These were the five ways to create Google Business Profile backlinks. If you have another method to get backlinks built using Google Business Profile please make an answer in the comments below.

Thank you!

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