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Guide With Secrets For School cleaning: Everything You Need To Know.

The use of professional school cleaning is a common-sense approach to limiting the risk of contagious diseases. The onset of a global epidemic, linked to covid-19, makes school cleaning more difficult and more complex.


The cleaning of schools is demanding, and sometimes complicated: the constant traffic of teachers and students irremediably complicates some tasks necessary to keep classes, bathrooms, corridors, or patio impeccable. Do not neglect any of the parts!

That is why we present you with a fully updated guide with secrets for school cleaning. Do you have any doubt? We will answer it immediately. Just write us through the blog comments. Or on our social networks. We are waiting for you and your concerns!

Hours: a determining factor

Are schools usually very busy? Yes. But a strong schedule system, which must be taken into account when planning the entire cleaning, marks them.

The busiest times are the entrance, recess, and time to eat (pay special attention to the dining area). And, of course, the exit.

If we take these times into account, we can achieve a much more efficient cleaning!

Children need to learn how important hygiene is. And how it can affect not only health but also the image that is emitted to others.

It forms part, ultimately, of their education, training, and their future character. It demands our attention.

They will end up doing what they see both at home and at school!

Take advantage of opportunities

It is always advisable to have a list of the distribution of materials. It may seem a bit confusing if you take into account all the classes, but this point allows you to take advantage of the opportunities. If a class goes to Physical Education, the classroom is left alone, and the cleaning of the class can be carried out perfectly.

This is what we want to put special emphasis on. Within the schedules, there are always times when different rooms are free. And the cleaning company has to be aware of these types of issues. It also serves as an example of the excursions or trips of the students.

What do you think of the guide for school cleaning? Is it useful to you? Well wait, there is still a tip!

You need an experienced school cleaning team!

Perhaps the most important piece of advice is to make sure you have a team with experience in the sector at your disposal. It is, without a doubt, the best way to guarantee that cleaning will always be optimal. Quality! And that you can be unconcerned because you have specialists who know how to be decisive in the face of any unforeseen event. 

Why use the services of a professional school cleaning company for the cleaning of school premises?

There are four major advantages to using a specialized cleaning company.

1. Guarantee perfect hygiene

Schools welcome a large public to their premises (pupils, teachers, external contributors, etc.). One duty of establishments is to guarantee the health of people through strict and consistent hygiene measures. SCS Group and its cleaners in a  cleaning protocol that ensures impeccable cleanliness and total disinfection of school premises.

2. Preserve people’s health and respect the environment

Professionals use superior quality products that ensure high cleaning performance, protect people’s health, and respect the environment.

3. Free up time to take care of the children

School staff (teachers, utilities) already carry out some maintenance and hygiene tasks daily, especially in times of covid-19. However, delegating the deep cleaning to an expert company frees up the staff and increases their time spent with the children. Monitoring and learning are strengthened.

4. Maintain trust

The school must remain a healthy place, even in times of covid-19. It is essential that parents drop off their children with peace of mind. The disinfection of school premises and its furniture promotes trust between the school, parents, and students.

Want to talk with us? We are the best cleaning company in Sydney and Melbourne! Have your business in the best condition!

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