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Home Renovation: A Detailed Guide for Homeowners

Finally, you have saved enough to renovate your home. But hold on for a second, will your excitement stay the same or will you get worried?

Now, this is something that depends on the changes you are going to make. In the beginning, you might think the plan you have made is going to work and will benefit you in multiple ways. However, the chance that things didn’t go as planned is always there.

Many might think that home renovation is not much of a deal, but it is as a hefty amount is needed for this purpose. So, it is essential you go for renovations that not only increase the appeal of the house but value at the same time.

Are you unable to decide what is going to be the best for your home in Nova City housing society Islamabad? Better take help from a professional. Explain to them, your requirements and surely you will be able to skip the stress.

But before that, there are a few things that you have to understand on your own, such as

Home Renovation Goals

This is the first step of the process. Here you must know why you are renovating? Is it because you are planning to rent or sell a house in the future? Or you just want to transform the house because it is quite outdated and you want to increase its curb appeal for your personal use.

Best Interior Design Style

Not everyone’s choice is the same when it comes down to interior designer style. So, don’t trust others with it but think on your own, from theme to color scheme.

You can research online to see what’s trending. Make a list of the looks you like and later show them to your interior designer. From there they will give you suggestions about what’s the best for your home.

Renovation Work Scope

Once the design is decided for the home, it is when you have to identify how much work needs to be done in the home. Even when you will discuss the details with your contractor, they will guide you on what is needed for specific tasks.

Move on to the measurements, make sure you have the accurate floor plan of your home on which dimensions are also mentioned. This is something that will allow you to avoid mistakes and will help the contractor to tell the time and budget of the entire project.

Set a Budget

Once the final decision related to  design is made, it is when you have to determine the cost. Check your finances to see how much you can spend without breaking your bank account. Once find that out, it is when moving on to other details. Along with this keep in mind that you might have to increase or decrease the budget.

The other factors you will have to consider are:

  • Type of home plays a vital role in determining the cost. In case you live in an apartment or flat, you will have to spend less as compared to the house.
  • Along with the renovation cost, don’t forget about the contractor and interior designer fee. Now it is better if you discuss the fee before hiring a professional.
  • . In case you go with the top-quality, you will have to increase the budget accordingly.
  • As mentioned before, always keep the 15 to 20 percent margin in your budget, as you never know what comes last minute. It is when you will not like to ruin your regular budget.

Milestone and Deadline

 You will not like the fact that the entire renovation process takes months to complete. You can share your thoughts in this regard with the experts, they will be able to tell you whether it is possible to get great results within this time frame or not. Mainly, depending on the work, renovation takes a minimum of 3 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks.

Remember home renovation isn’t as easy a task as it looks. So, pay proper attention and do research in order to avoid critical mistakes. 

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