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How BOUNZ will be the best rewards app to shop for back to school essentials?

That time of the year is here when it’s time to go back to school! Everybody must be excited, isn’t it? But with great fun comes a greater responsibility of shopping for all the essentials that your kid might need for their back to school shenanigans. 


Shopping for school is a major deal since everyone wants to look their best when they return to school. And what about our lovely parents? They want to save money because clothes may be expensive, and we are sure the kids would not compromise on anything! After all, it’s all about the excitement.  

Back to school shopping has always been so thrilling and it’s in full swing. BOUNZ wants to make sure that your experience is amazing, stress-free, and rewarding. But how can BOUNZ assist you with that? Well, we can give you the chance to earn huge reward points with your purchases at our partner stores. Your kids and your wallet will both benefit from our back to school clothing cost-saving tips.

7 fabulous tips to save money on back to school shopping with Rewards app

  • Start with a budget plan 

Having a proper budget set aside for all the shopping is the best thing you can start with. Now, when you shop for back to school, you have a lot of stuff to take care of and everything needs a dedicated budget. For this, you can make a detailed list and ensure that you stick to it. Prioritize the essentials and follow as per the budget.  

  • Use shopping reward apps 

What better than saving money on your back to school supplies? Good news! It’s now possible to save a huge chunk of your money by using some great shopping rewards app. For the best savings, you can download the BOUNZ shopping reward app that offers amazing discounts at the best all-rounder brands for school shopping such as Mena kart, and Choithrams. For every purchase you make at these partner stores you can earn points and redeem them later at any other stores that are partners with BOUNZ. 

  • Prefer shopping online 

Shopping online is the best way to save some serious money for back to school.  Why are we saying this? Because online shopping has always been the top form of shopping when you want to take advantage of deals and discounts. Moreover, online sites start their promotional sales during the back to school season and you can also crack spectacular deals using their coupons while shopping online.  

  • Go through existing school supplies

Before starting your shopping spree, make sure you go through the past supplies that could be reused such as unused notebooks, stationery, lunch boxes, water bottles, or pencil kits. This is the best way to use the old school resources and save money which could be a substantial way to be easy on your pockets. 

  • Invest in high-quality products 

This is a major hack that will help you save money on your future purchases. How? Buying sturdy and good-quality products including school bags, shoes, bottles, and school kits will help you ensure that these will run smoothly for a longer time. This will make sure that you don’t have to worry about these for the upcoming school year. 

  • Seek cheaper gadget alternatives  

Technology has taken over the traditional ways of learning and kids these days don’t want to stay behind. A back to school gadget list might include a laptop, tablet, or a software subscription, For better deals search for refurbished gadgets instead of new ones, or if getting a new one is your choice then you can check some great deals at Mena kart, they offer huge discounts on their gadgets and electronics menu. 

  • Buy using your loyalty points 

The best way to shop is using your existing reward points that you might have collected with a loyalty program. Do your research and find out if your points are valid to be used at the stores where you are shopping. These points act as discount coupons and help you to get better deals. 

What is the best time to go for back to school shopping?

You can start your shopping anytime before school reopens in later August, however, the best time you can shop is during the summer holidays when you have a lot of sales going on in the stores. You can get your hands on various deals going on that could help you save money. Plus, weekly discounts on grocery brands such as Choithrams and all-rounder brands like Mena kart can get you to save money at any time of the year. 

Let’s help you create a list for last-minute shopping 

Here’s a quick checklist to follow in case you are running out of time-

  • School bags and trolley bags
  • Water bottles and lunch boxes
  • Art and craft supplies
  • Stationary such as notebooks. Pencils, and pens
  • Gadgets such as a laptop or a tablet
  • Educational games
  • Books 
  • Pencil kits 

All of the above items are easily available at Mena kart where they have a separate menu for back to school (BTS) essentials and you can grab exciting deals on the website.

Similarly, at Choithrams, here’s what you can look out for-

  • Great groceries 
  • Cereals for breakfast
  • Packed meals 
  • Health supplies for covid prevention 

Enjoy back to school with BOUNZ 

The BOUNZ app is here to help you with the new school year, with tons of reward points, special offers, and free gift cards. If you don’t have the app yet, it’s not too late to start earning points for back to school shopping.  

And if you’re already a BOUNZ user? We’ve got some great news for you too! We promise to offer you the best shopping rewards and an ultimate experience to earn points and save your money. 

The bonus part of using the BOUNZ app is that it has great surprises for you in the store. Sometimes, the app can also help you earn triple points on your purchases which could be very beneficial for your savings during back to school shopping. 


  • When should I start shopping for back to school essentials?

You can start your shopping during the summer months, even the month of July and August would also work. 

  • How do I create a school backpack?

Start with the essentials such as lunch boxes, water bottles, pencil kits, and notebooks, and don’t forget to add sanitizers to the list. 

  • How can I save money on shopping?

The best way is to use a rewards app while shopping for the major part of the back to school shopping list. Moreover, follow the above hacks to get a clear picture.

  • Should I have extra apparel stacked in the wardrobe for the kids?

Yes, having extra clothes for your kids is an added advantage because kids love to play and their clothes can get dirty from time to time. Also, it is preferred for better hygiene. 

  • How much money should I keep handy for shopping?

That completely depends on the list of products and what is required by the child. We have mentioned a list of the major items that you might need. Prepare a list as per your preferences and set aside a budget. 

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