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How is a contactless visitor management system securing your workplace in post covid times?

For offices, corona made it necessary to distance people to reduce transmission. It definitely caused concerns and fears regarding the visitors on site. Businesses are gradually in the process of returning to work. It is imperative to protect the employees from the risk of getting exposed to the virus.

The tracking and screening of employees are comparatively easier than doing it for visitors. Monitoring their movement becomes of great importance for organizations.

There is a critical need to take precautionary measures during these unpredictable challenges. Adapting to such unplanned situations, offices always need to have a safe way for everyone to communicate on-premise. A contactless visitor management system could impose safety and health rules effortlessly and more effectively.

Ensuring employee, visitor, and guest safety

The visitors moving into a premise and moving out of there urges to keep a track of the same. A contactless visitor management system could help visitors to schedule their incoming in advance, thereby eliminating the need to approach a reception physically.

The presence of touchless functionality in a visitor management system becomes vital to ensure a secure and safe work environment. Additionally, this ensures the safety of everyone at work. Many features could enable this aspect:

Digitally check-in

Checking in with an app helps remove the manual chores. You can execute formalities like appointment scheduling and filling critical details in a touchless way. You can create a unique QR code for scanning throughout the premises by entering details like the name, mail address, mobile number, the purpose of visit, and image.

Notifying the host

Post checking in, the host could be notified through an SMS or email. This would let them know about the person who has come to visit and let them accept or reject the request.

Sharing invitations

You can schedule an appointment by sending the visitors invitations. You can share the details of the host, venue, and time in advance. This could avoid delays and crowds in the lobby area.

Health status

The health status of the visitor could be captured with thermal screening, declaration forms before they could go ahead and book the meeting slot. You can go through the records in the future for consultation.

Electronic badges

This eliminates the transmission of the virus from any surface and makes the process of identification seamless and easy.

  • Permit visitor entry: Entry could be granted or refused to the visitor by the host. The meeting could be rescheduled and both parties could be intimated through an email or SMS.
  • Capturing feedback: Digital procuring of the feedback post the visit helps gain insights to better the system further.

No contact, No virus

To secure an organization, the role of a contactless visitor management system is immense. A credible software with a due suite of features could enhance the experience of visitors and employees returning to work. Veris Welcome is one such platform offering a plethora of newly innovated features catering to the interests of all the stakeholders alike. With the front-end interface to the dashboard, the entire product is a one-stop solution for enterprises looking for a reliable post covid visitor management system.

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