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How to Change Your Facebook Business Page Name in 2022

Want To Update Your Facebook Business Page Name? Here’s How!

There are many reasons you may need to change the name of your Facebook business page name.

Maybe you’re redesigning your logo, or maybe you made a mistake buymalaysianfollowers the first time and you need to get it rectified…

…or perhaps you need to make a change to your name. Whatever the reason is for you as the owner of your business it is your responsibility to understand what you can do to improve the way you run your business.

We’ll guide you on how to change the name of your Facebook business page in this simple guide.

Let’s get started!

How To Change Your Facebook Business Page Name

Step 1. Log in to Facebook using your desktop. This isn’t possible via the Facebook application.

Step 2.Go to your business Facebook page. On the menu on your left sidebar scroll down , and then click Edit Page Information.

Step 3.The first textbox that is located within the General area is the place where you will be able to alter the name of your page.

When you click on this box Facebook says,

“Your Page’s name should accurately reflect what the page refers to.

We look into names to safeguard the identities of the companies or brands who Facebook Page pages are a representation of.”

Also, note that name changes may not be immediately or not necessarily to be approved.

They review reviews from Facebook. With that in mind let’s talk about…

Some Things That Facebook Business Page Names Cannot Include

The words or phrases could be harmful or infringe the rights of someone else.

The term “official”, if the Page isn’t the official Page of an entity, brand or organization, or public figure.

(If Facebook assigns a Page an authentic badge then the Page should not be using the word”official” in its Page title.)

  1. Improper capitalization. Page names should be written with proper grammar and spelling. It is also possible to not contain any capital letters with the exception of for acronyms.
  2. Punctuation that is not needed or symbols.
  3. Descriptions or slogans such as”The Best Cafe – We serve the best coffee available for instance.

Page administrators can include this information in the About section of the Page.

  1. and any other variant in the term “Facebook.”
  2. They cannot also consist of Generic words such as Pizza or geographical locations that are generic (example: New York).

But, you can also make an Page name for your company that is a geographical place.

For instance, “New York City – Mayor’s Office” as well as “Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain” are both acceptable Page names.

This was a crash course in how to avoid the names of your pages. Let’s go back to the lesson.

Under the section in which you can edit your page’s name there’s also an choice for…

Change Your Username

So let’s examine our Facebook page in a short time to give an illustration.

The yellow one is our page’s title The name in the red box is our username.

We usually suggest that your web page’s name and username identical so that it is easier for users to locate you.

Here’s how you can change your username.

In the event that your restaurant’s your Facebook account is “Johnny’s Subs…

…but the username you use is actually Johnny’s Sandwiches and this could create confusion for customers.

This could be detrimental to the lead generation marketing you are using, as well as for your digital marketing strategy generally.

You don’t want to make it more difficult for someone to turn into an actual customer by making them confused immediately about who you really are.

The other thing you should be aware of is the fact that your user name can double as the URL of the Facebook profile you have created.

If you don’t enter your username on Facebook, Facebook will just come up with the random URL to your Facebook page such as for instance.

Facebook states,

“It’s simpler for users to find your page on the search results with a unique webpage name.

Pages with usernames may be customized URLs that allow users to quickly browse and contact them.”

If you do switch your names, make sure that you change your username to match.

Another important thing to remember is to remember where you’ve put your Facebook URL earlier.

For instance, if , for example, you are using Facebook, and you Click Here have it connected to your site…

…remember that you must change the URL after the name of your page and username changes are accepted and is settled.

Update any time you’ve linked on your page Facebook in the past , or otherwise, they’ll break links.

This concludes how you can modify your Facebook business page’s name and your username!

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