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How To Choose The Most Suitable Pipette Tip For Laboratory Purposes?

Choosing an accurate pipette tip is meaningful to conduct a laboratory test of any kind. If you do not have a perfect pipette or any other lab instrument, you cannot carry out the research properly. For this reason, having a comprehensive knowledge of pipettes before you apply them is necessary. For example, filter tips for Beckman are most commonly used in all laboratory tests owing to their precision and convenience. You can keep your pipette safe and free from contamination with these filter tips.

The decision for choosing the right tools and equipment is the crucial responsibility of the laboratory technicians. Through this decision, the diagnosis and, thus, the treatment plan, are reflected.

Ways For Choosing The Right Pipette Tips

Here, you will find the best ways of choosing the pipette tips that are more suitable for your laboratory purposes. Choosing the right pipette tips ensures accurate results.

A Brief About Pipette Tips

Pipette tips play an important role in lab experiments. Molded plastic is the material that makes small and disposable pipette tips with a cone shape. Another common material used for making pipettes is glass. A scientist can transfer the liquid by attaching a pipette tip to the end of a pipettor. And the liquid is then measured in microliters (μL). Significant reasons for using pipette tips are several to have in your laboratory to get accurate results. (MARATHONLS, 2021)

A pipette contains the sample that the scientist uses to transfer it from one container to another. They are used very commonly when carrying out different types of lab tests. So, using high-quality pipettes tips is essential, as it will assist you to conduct tests more conveniently.

Tips For Choosing High-Quality Pipette Tips

You can find a wide range of pipettes, as mentioned in the following:

Sterile and Non Sterile Pipette

Sterile pipettes are usually suitable when conducting any lab test. However, if you have a non-sterile pipette, you can sterilize them. If you use a non-sterile pipette, you must ensure that it is autoclavable. It will assist you in conducting the process of sterilizing without any difficulty. (MARATHONLS, 2021)

If you keep a liquid sample in the pipette and without the filtration, aerosols are absorbed that might harm the sample. This is the key reason behind the use of filter tips. A high-quality filter tip makes sure the perfect security of the pipette, as it prevents the pipette from catching any external particle. It means you can prevent the liquid or specimen from contamination by using filter tips. (MARATHONLS, 2021)

Filter tips also minimize the chances of false readings. These tips are designed with the ultimate objective of delivering the right and accurate results.

Liquids, including strong acids, infective samples, and RNA and DNA solutions, require you to use the standard quality filter tips, such as conductive filter tips for Hamilton, or Beckman filter tips.

Standard Quality Product

After figuring out the suitable pipette for your laboratory purpose, you then need to get a standard quality product. When you choose a product, you must remember the aspect of suitability of the pipette that delivers the right results. Using low-quality ones will mess up your test by delivering the wrong results. So, ensuring the quality of pipettes and other laboratory instruments is essential to satisfy your needs.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Pipette Tips

When choosing the pipette tip, you must look at the following key factors:

  • Check the pipette’s material.
  • Choose the additive-free pipette.
  • Choose a reliable online store to get pipettes.

Shape Of The Pipette Tip

Now, the next most crucial thing is to check the right shape of the tips. You may find the different shapes of tips that may confuse you while choosing the suitable one. So, it is good to choose the right tip when you visit the website and check reviews of those who have experienced it in the past. This move will reduce the chances of getting undependable test results.

The Bottom Line

This blog helps you choose the right and most suitable pipette for different laboratory purposes. You must ensure that the online store where you are going to buy provides reliable products. MBP INC is the most reliable and leading online store that offers an extensive range of laboratory test products, such as conductive filter tips for Hamilton. By preferring our products, you can ensure the delivery of more accurate results.


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