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How to Clean the Keyboard of Apple MacBook

Apple MacBook are expensive even repairs related to apple Macs are expensive. If you as an apple mac user properly do maintenance timely by visiting Apple authorized service centre Mumbai you can avoid many issues which can arise in the future including issues such as heating & MacBook keyboard replacement. Doing maintenance of any MacBook required a few technical skills & time if you have both here are a few tips that can help you.

Keyboards of any laptop or MacBook are the most used parts are can become worn out over a period of time. Once the keyboard is damaged one has to replace it but by doing maintenance & cleaning you can make its life longer. We have noticed when it comes to cleaning many apple users clean the screen periodically hence most of the time you will see a clear display no matter how old the device issue. If you do the same things with the keyboard it will improve the overall life of the device.


We never ask anyone to use any kind of liquid directly on the keyboard as the keyboard has gaps the liquid may enter inside and damage the logic board & keyboard or both. Try to clean as much as possible with a dry cloth or brush (toothbrush or paintbrush) you will be able to remove most of the accumulated dust but once that is done you can take a few drops of keyboard cleaner liquid (5-10 drops) and rub gently on the keyboard surface make sure you MacBook is turned off while doing this process. Later you can take a dry cloth or tissue paper and rub gently to make sure there is no liquid left of the keyboard. Using microfiber cloth is recommended for this.

MacBook repair center


Do not use any blower or any instrument such as a vacuum the keys you see are removable any air pressure or vacuum pressure can throw the key out of its latch and you will need to visit the Apple authorized service centre in Mumbai to get that MacBook key put back. Don’t use a hairdryer to dry heat from the dryer can damage the backlight of the keyboard. Do not use liquid such as thinner or any chemical it can erase the alphabets of the keys and shine of the keys.

MacBook Sleeves:

Always try to keep a microfiber cloth handy to clean the display do not use any normal cloth as they can put tiny scratching on the display also when you are traveling or not using the mac you can keep MacBook in the case of the sleeve which can not only protect from scripted but also from dust. If you use a backpack for carrying a MacBook air make sure you get a backpack with a padded compartment that will keep your device safe from unwanted pressure and from other backpack items etc.

Hope this will help you, if you have friends who use mac’s do share with them as this information may be helpful to them, Thanks!!

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