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How to create this article hedgehog puppet

How to create this article hedgehog puppet

Today I offer you a fall activity that is easy to do with children from 3 years old. Print the hedgehog puppet model, color it, cut it out, and fold it. Interest: development of fine motor skills Materials: paper, printer, scissors, glue, markers, or colored pencils (any other decorative material is always fun to add to your hedgehog puppet – glitter makes everything sparkle!) Age group: 3-10 years old How to make this paper hedgehog puppet Ready to make your hedgehog puppet? Print the template and get started! If you are using the black and white template for this hedgehog activity, color in before you start cutting it out. It’s easier in that order.

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lengthen or shorten the ties

Then cut out all the elements. If necessary, you can lengthen or shorten the ties. For young children, it is best to fold the hedgehog (look closely at the dotted line on the template to see where to fold it) before cutting the hedgehog.

Mark the folds of this paper hedgehog puppet well

You can press the folds with a ruler or a stick to make them better. Take your time to trim the hedgehog’s beaks. Take it easy, and you have time. Then glue the ties on the back of the hedgehog (I invite you to watch the video above to see how it is done). This is how the clips should look when glued to the puppet. Your paper hedgehog puppet is finished! This printable puppet is ready to act out with your other child puppets.

A felt rabbit finger puppet

How to make a felt rabbit finger puppet Using the template, cut out two white felt rabbits and two more of a brighter color (red, green, yellow, or red, for example). To make your rabbit finger puppet, sandwich all four pieces by placing the two white pieces on the outside and the two brighter fragments inside. Secure them with pins.

Bunny is a different color

Using white or cream thread (or whatever if your bunny is a different color) and starting at the bottom corner, begin sewing all four layers along the edge with a small running stitch. Sew like this along the first side, stopping at the base of the ear. From there, divide the felt into two ears, each made from two layers of felt (one white and one brightly colored). Sew through the first ear along its edges.


Leave the other ear unsewn for now, and you will come back to that later. Repeat sewing through all four layers of felt once you return to the rabbit’s head, as shown below. Continue sewing in this way until you reach the lower edge of the body. Open the bottom of the shape so that the brightest felt is inside the opening. Sew just two layers from the bottom edge of the puppet.

Then continue sewing along the opposite side, just through the other two layers. This will form the opening for the finger. Once you’ve finished sewing the body, sew the second ear along the edge with a small running stitch. The rabbit body is finished and ready to embroider.

Draw a face

Draw a face on the bunny with washable felt, as shown in the template at the bottom left. With pink thread, embroider a small nose. Make some stitches with a black line for the eye. Using the light-colored yarn, sew the tail of the pompom onto the puppet. Your puppet is finished. Repeat these steps to make a bunny in each of the bright colors you have available!

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