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App Development

How to Earn Money by Developing Mobile Apps?

People are choosing many professions to make money. Every business holder also focuses on a purpose and looks for an opportunity to earn money. As It is the time of the latest technology and people are depending on mobile phones, business owners are looking for opportunities in mobile app development. They are focusing on this field. They want to develop apps to make money. In research, It is seen that American people spend five every day on their mobile phones. They may see news, spend time on social media, scroll, play games but every app can help to make money for the developer and businessman in a different way. Though earning money is not an easy thing to do but still you can with planning, strategy. In this article, we will discuss the things and opportunities from which you can earn money by developing mobile apps. 

The Things that will Help You to Earn Money

The Things that will Help You to Earn Money

People see mobile app development as a great way to earn money. They are not wrong exactly, you can earn money by developing mobile apps in different ways. Two types of apps are there for making money: Free apps and paid apps. You can earn money from both of them. There are some strategies and direct ways to earn money. So here we will discuss how you can earn money by developing mobile apps based on our experience. They are


Sell The App

The simplest way of making money from developing a mobile app is to create a paid app. All you have to do is create the app and make money from the people who download it. There are many apps in the Play Store and Apple Store, people pay for them. So you will get your but all you have to do, focus on your app and encourage people to download it by paying. You can also promote your app by buying it. When it comes to the price, you can do some research about the app market that will help you to know more about the pricing of the app. You can add advertisements to encourage people to do it will cost you some more but most of the apps are cheap in the store but this way is the easiest one to make money by developing the app.

Free App or Paid App

Free App or Paid App

Mobile apps come both free and paid. Usually, many apps are free to download but people have to pay a one-time fee for the premium version of the download. This type of version offers better performance with better features that are not available in free apps. When a developer creates free apps, attach a link to attract users to try the latest added feature. In-store many free apps are just demoed apps so when they download a free app they are attracted to get the page version that brings money to developers. Sometimes there is a 14 days trial version available that gives the chance for users to explore more features of the app and make them interested to pay for other features. Free apps bring ads too so premium versions eliminate the ads and people pay to get rid of the app ads. So you can earn money developing both free and paid mobile apps.

Advertisement Supported Mobile Apps

We all know about advertisements, nowadays when we are on an app most probably some advertisement occurs. Ad networks like AdMob, iAds Google represent. When you have high traffic on the app and more downloads it makes a good profit. Advertisement is a media of brand awareness. House peoples know about brands also these can help to make money the more people watch the more money will get by specific authors of apps. When mobile apps are developed this goes with it. 

Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common types of marketing. In this, developers can advertise the product start of the sale when customers. Booking apps are common in affiliate marketing but the company gets a percentage of the cost whenever a user booked through it. There is an advantage as there is a lot of data about users. So developers can offer the user the exact type they want to be based on their data. But here you will need a lot of users before making money.

Cost Per Install Network (CPI)

CPI is for payment to a third party every time you download the app. Has a fee that is between $0.80 to $3.00. This type of development here’s a great opportunity to earn money but it has to be attractive to the user to buy the app. The free app can also make money through advertisements and aggressive marketing which takes effort. But CPI solutions, in-app purchase offers, etc. lead the business to a great profit. It is a great way to earn money by developing a mobile app.

In-app Purchase

In-app Purchase

In-app purchases usually help the owner to sell their virtual items in the app in an easy way. This is directly made from the app. Free apps are ideal for this as they will ask you to buy stuff. For example, you are playing the game in a game app and the step shows and asks you to buy within the games, and you are convinced to buy it for the game for the reward. Nowadays different Agencies and third parties are investing a large amount of in-app ads to get the maximum engagement that will help them to earn money by developing mobile apps.


We all know what a subscription is. If you want to get all the content you need to subscribe to the app. Nowadays it has become a great way to earn money. This strategy can proffer free for an amount of time as a subscription fee that will allow users to read the content published by them. App opener usually plays a trick to attract the user by providing a free app trial. In the end, In-store wants to continue to have to pay a subscription fee. Different online audio, video streaming, and news portals follow this type of strategy to earn money.


Making money is not easy, but people are making their way to make money and Mobile app development is such away. Many factors and people are related to this. People are making both free and paid apps for making money. There are many ways to make money from custom apps. You need to follow those tricks, but first, you have to decide what type of app you will develop and what platform it will be. You can earn money in the paid app directly, on the other hand, with the free app you will earn differently. Also, Android app development and IOS platforms have a great impact on the base of its users though both have a different fan base with popularity. As a software development company, we “REXO IT” also provide apps development services. You just have to focus on an advertisement, CPI, subscription, etc factor that goes with your mobile app. The above factors will help you to earn money by developing a mobile app if you implement them in the right way.

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